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A funny phase from the movie big daddy. Most people who have watched MTV since the mid to late 90's probably need Hip Hop Anonymous.

Also anyone outside the black race who: tries, acts, dresses, talks in the manner of "gangsta" (focused mainly on white and asian "AZN" kids, who grew up in the suburbs but claim to be hood.)

Celebrities who need Hip Hop Anonymous include, Flava Flave, Vanilla Ice, and even Randy "macho man" savage (he made a rap cd)

If youre still confused on the defintion watch, "My sweet 16" on MTV or Malibus Most Wanted.
Everyone in my school needed hip hop anonymous
by eXo5 March 01, 2007
A large, chiefly aquatic African herbivorous mammal (Hippopotamus amphibius) having thick, dark, almost hairless skin, short legs with four toes, and a broad, wide-mouthed muzzle. Also called river horse.
Fundo was out in the jungle, shooting marbles, when he encountered a hungry, hungry hip hop anonymous.
by auth00r June 19, 2006
Songs with incomprehensible words and similar beats to previous songs.
Doesn't matter how loud you listen to Hip hop anonymous you still wont understand the words, maybe that is why so many people drive around blarring their music.. they are really asking for help with an interpretation.
by BeatDown93 August 23, 2011
An doctor of the foot with a coke addiction problem
dat fool is a hiphopanonymous
by Ron francis December 10, 2007
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