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Hinzington is an elaboration of the surname Hinz, coined in early 2010 by a renowned Hastings scholar, at the time the devoted partner of a Miss Hinz. The first use of this surname was prefaced by said partner with the adjunct title "Lady", and suffixed in a double-barrelled fashion thus: "Lady Hinzington-Smythe". Having been audaciously plagiarised in early 2011, the surname has most recently been seen in the following format: "Royal Lady Hinzington", this less impressive attempt at wit, and arguably less well informed usage belies the creator's original intent, which was one of endearment.
Person one: Royal Lady Hinzington.........
Person two: Totally copyrighting this!!!! :)
Person one: Ha Ha Ha.... :)
by WellDefined April 04, 2011
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