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The act of being inept while one attempting to be Ninja. Commonly associated with frequent death, curling into a ball for self defense, and massive gluttony of ice cream.
That girl is so Hinja, she just tripped over her own feet.
#inept #glutton #ninja #death #cute
by Hinjaa February 26, 2011
A huge ninja, differentiated from an averaged-sized ninja (ranging in size from 5'3 to about 5'8) and the superior minja (5'3 and under). A hinja is generally 5'9 and above. It is by no means a hippe ninja, as suggested in the previous definition. We look down upon you, kind sir, in utter shame.
Dude, my hinja boyfriend is such a hinja. Even though I'm a minja. It's beautiful, really.
#hinja #minja #ninja #hnja #mnja
by thebrainybrain November 22, 2010
A hippie dressed as a ninja and wearing tie dye
Man I'm so hinja!

Look at that hinja!
#hippie #ninja #tie dye #peace #love
by iamahotmess January 31, 2010
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