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Like the hebrew name "Hynda" meaning doe or female deer, But totally not! Hinda means tall gorgeous goddess.

Not to be confused with Hindi, although everyone with this name can speak it fluently. The coolest and prettiest friend I know!!

Makes any one who's her friend jealous cuz of the way she speaks. Makes all the guys around her wanna date her. Very career driven and thinks converse chucks are the greatest shoes ever made!

Very athletic and can kick your ass at kickball!
H- hubba hubba
I- interesting
N- neva scurred
A- always right!
That hinda is a bad mamma jamma!

Who knew there was a goddess named Hinda?
by realchic February 04, 2010
This word orginates from the Indian name Hindu which means to act slutty all the time.
oh my gosh....did you see Hinda last night?....she is such a slut!
by Rachel April 04, 2005
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