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1. Hinchcliffe - A family that raises units. Tanks at natural they can drink beer like water. The Hinchcliffe family trains their young by sending them out at an early age to fend of wild cougars and bears. The ones that survive are the only ones that are accepted back into the 'real' Hinchcliffe family. The rest are shunned and or known as the lower class familiy Hinchcliff. Most of the remaining Hinchcliffes live on the West Coast of Canada, Few in England, Few in Poland, and another few in Germany.

2. Hinchunit - One of the biggest units raised to date.

3. hinch - The coolest person in the room.
1. HINCHCLIFFE pernouced (Hinch Cliff) Not (Hinch CliffEY)

2. Man watch the fuck out for "hinchunit" He'll woop ya ass boy. Pernouced - (HinchUnaite)

3. Brett is so "hinch"
by Jsukilla March 21, 2007
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