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The hand Q-Q in Texas Holdem.
I've lost more money with the Hilton Sisters than any other hand.
by RHFiend July 16, 2005
107 73
Like the Olsen Twins, but with even more crack, and even less credentials.
The only two people in the world who are more undeserving of their wealth than the Osbourne children are the Hilton Sisters.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 26, 2004
549 79
Dumb and Dumber, these spoiled sluts are everywhere. From ruining T.V with "The Simple Life" Or destroying radio with the aural holocaust of Paris Hilton and her "singing." Everything about these 2 are terrible in every way imaginable. Whats twice as worse is that these 2 dumbasses are going to get an inheritance in the millions from their father. Obivously, philanthropist is not in the Hilton's dictionary. Many people ask why they don't give to chairity, and Paris' official response was "That's hot..." Go to hell you cock-juggling thundercunts. You are the imbalance of this earth, you are the cause of stupidity, and therefore should be eradicated off the face of this earth forever, as you should never exist.
Er. Don't mind me. I'm just pissed off.
by Adam B January 16, 2005
506 95
Ugly anorexic douchebags that spend their money foolishly and only live to pose in front of the cameras.
Need to die
by Mike P December 03, 2003
363 90
Skanky, ugly, famous people who spend money stupidly and live to be in the center of attention
The Hilotn Sisters were on the news last night.
by Rebecca L. January 15, 2005
310 110
Skanky Olsen Twins
Hiltons are skanks
by King of Bling Bling May 03, 2004
205 78
the Olson twins from hell
satan's little angels
by allie March 04, 2005
145 55