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An area located within El Sereno in East Los Angeles, CA (see El Sereno). Composed primarily of single family residences, Hillside Village is considered by many to be a more desireable place to live than surrounding El Sereno, and the nicest area of all of East Los Angeles.
I don't live in El Sereno, I live in Hillside Village.
by A.M.M. February 15, 2008
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coolest local band ever.
by malora May 05, 2003
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A place located in El Sereno, East Los Angeles that no one has really heard of. People that live there think they are a separate community from El Sereno, but really aren't.
"Where do you live?"
"In Hillside Village."
"Where the heck is that?
"Basically I live in El Sereno..."
"Oh El Sereno! I know where that is!"
by RadicalJune January 10, 2015
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