a hood in the west side of vallejo
you get shot, itz not safe
by Ryce April 07, 2005
Top Definition
North of Downtown San Diego but South of Mission Bay.
Know for its predominantly homosexual population, evident by the mass of rainbow flags that hang from neighborhood businesses.
Man, J-Bone is so fucking gay, we need to exile that nigga over to Hillcrest.
by Saiam December 10, 2007
a hood in the westside of VALLEJO
some of the hardest people live there
by Nick April 07, 2005
Original insane West Siders hail from this cuzz! R.I.P Noki miss you loved one...
This side of town held off big 415ers trying to boss up in the 80's. Werden St. Baldwin St. Parrot St. the school yard, the alleys, and only O.G.s remember the 50's up there by the church.... that's right.
We was hollerin' West side back in the 70's baby. House parties on Sac St. at Miami the Most pad, what's up doe? Fat party on Werden St. every time Leroy left for L.A. West Side.
Fool you WILL get banked on up in Hillcrest
by Baldwin St. res. since 1970 January 31, 2009
An area known as hill crest is west vallejo. This place was once military housing turned into a ghetto. Nowadays they are renevating the old military housing and it is starting to become populated with more and more white people.
Where u frm?

Hill Crest cuzzin, u know how we do, always reppin' the west!
by myesha July 11, 2005
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