A person residing in Notting Hill in London. Usually frequents the more trendy type bars in the local area such as Geniveve, E&O etc.
That person is a typical notting hillbilly.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
a man/lady that live by the bayou and have fanboats..

preferably living in motel six
Go tell jack to take his hillbilly ass fanboat and go back to the bayou
by Butthole crabs March 21, 2006
Similar to a redneck but less drunk and obnoxious, nor imbred. See, our trucks are for getting around and exploring the mountains on the back roads, redneck trucks are eye candy that is more expensive than what is reasonable for there income.

Hillbillies are not ignorant, and some may even have education.

Redneck idiots knock up there 2nd cousins and the result is a child with physical and mental illness, whereas hillbillies wear a condom.

Simple. Why complicate shituff.

Rednecks waste 20 bucks on a 12 pack, whereas we spend 20 bucks on sugar and yeast and end up with hooch for 2 for weeks.

Some people call us cheap, but a more hillbilly way of saying that is called thrifty or financially savy.
Opinionated, but these opinions derived from observation and experience.

Not all of us are yanks, some of us are canuckleheads. Our home and native land, eh.
When something is jerry rigged or put together creatively out of other things, it is a hillbilly rig.
I stepped into his shower and he had hillbilly rigged a lawn sprinkler to the pipe as a shower head. True story

I had to hillbilly rig 3 fucked stereos together to get sound from the speakers.
by Eh420 August 14, 2016
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