A deranged, toothless being who goes Homo-hunting every other day.
Onlooker 1: Hey, whats that ugly dumb fuck doing with that shotgun?
Onlooker 2: Oh, thats just a hillbilly.
Onlooker 1: Whats he doin with the gun dude?
Onlooker 2: Probs has it in for some black dude or one of those faggots.
Onlooker 1: Shit.
Onlooker 2: I heard that.
by TheBuffPinkLycra October 02, 2006
Retarted americans that shoot guns belive in the kkk drink booze all the time. Fuck sheep missing most all their teeth drive crappy trucks with big tires while fuckin their sister. Their hobbys are let's see who stinks worse, shoot the skunk, eat roadkill, don't wipe your ass cause it's fun,taste grandmas pussy,hold up a wal-mart,lets not cut the lawn,leave trash for the coons so we can eat em,my dad is really grandpa,burn the outhouse cause it full,yahoo elvis,and what is it.
great a fuckin hillbilly moved next door guess ill be listing to a bango 24-7.
by tube666 November 17, 2006
An inbreed redneck, that likes to do his mom...catches racoons, and only has one tooth. Wears overalls and smells like a nasty skunk. Also lives in west virginia and has 6 toes on one foot
why was the tooth brush invented in west virginia..because if it wasnt, it would be called the teeth brush.
A hillbilly invented the tooth brush to brush his one tooth
by nick April 11, 2004
Person from deep South with low IQ and poorly educated. Close cousin to the Redneck and Hick. Most commonly found in the hills. Hillbillies commonly have southern accents.
President George W. Bush.

"How come every internet adress begins with Dubya?"
by someguy564 March 11, 2005
A person from deep South with low IQ and poorly educated. Close cousin to the Redneck and Hick. Commonly found in the hills and and other locations in the South. Hillbillies commonly have southern accents. (Not all Southerners are hillbillies)
President George W. Bush
Beverly Hillbillies
by someguy564 March 11, 2005
poor hick in West Virgina who likes incest
The hillybilly likes cousin lovin'
by Lo!s!er October 15, 2003
A person residing in Notting Hill in London. Usually frequents the more trendy type bars in the local area such as Geniveve, E&O etc.
That person is a typical notting hillbilly.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003

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