The political team of Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton.
Just read the newspapers, watch TV, go online for a blog or talk to any political junkie. You're certain to find an example of the HillBilly team in action.
by Jeff Damir November 25, 2007
Someone or Family that has more cars up on blocks in their front yard, Than they do in the driveway. Nasty old junk in the yard. Someone that never takes down the Christmas lights.
Poor Hillbilly got 4 cars in the yard.
Rich Hillbilly got 8!
Hey Billy my girfriend got fo teeth, Hell that ante nutthin mines got ate.
by PerryDog January 07, 2007
In it's modern context, similar to redneck but posessing fewer shoes. Usually also have to drive at least one hour to the nearest Wallmart (downhill) and unlikely to have a fancy truck. see inbred & west virginia
little boy: Is that a redneck family daddy?
father: No son, they're not hauling their house behind their truck - they must be a hillbilly family!
by lisa_urban May 18, 2008
a mix between bill and hillary clinton
hillbilly like that of one who lives in the mountains
by goblue72 February 07, 2008
The political union of Hillary and Billy Clinton.
Do you really want the HillBilly's from Arkansas back in the White House?
by Kniffen Jones February 03, 2008
- Hillary & Bill Clinton government. Also, the backdrop for remake of smash 60's & 70's tv show, Green Acres starring Buddy Epson.

A HillBilly White House. Or, a real HillBilly mess; A HillBilly Government; Have watched or, heard about the latest HillBilly scandal?
by Bobby Woo February 03, 2008

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