Simple folk know for there warm hospitality and readiness to fire shot guns at strangers also know as "Cletus" or "Hick Yuk"
"Nadine is a hillbilly"
by VisOne March 24, 2003
A high-elevation redneck.
Jed found him some Texas Tea and is going to become a Beverly Hillbilly.
by MrMasters December 06, 2012
someone better educated and more entrepenueral than the average resident of one
You hillbillies are taking over the place.
by Douglas Ison April 03, 2004
White skinned, american who drives a pickup truck, watches nascar and takes his cousin out to eat at burgerking before he fucks her.
See also... Hillbillyredneckhick
via giphy
by Carlmeister April 27, 2016
The union of Hillary and Bill Clinton, especially on her campaign trail.
"Hey, what do you think about Hill-Billy's verbal attack on Obama after the first democratic debate?"

"Man, it looks like it's gonna be a two-headed campaign! She is the one running for president, right?!"
by L. Newcomb February 02, 2008
Hillary AND Bill Clinton for president, not just Hillary.
John: Who are you voting for?
Sally: I know who I am Not voting for, a Hill-Billy!
John: Great! I am Voting for Obama too!
by Callie Ann February 04, 2008
A group of people who like to chew dry grass and sit on creaky rocking chairs, most play a boring instrument like a ukuealy or a banjo or something equally as lame and annoying.
Most have a strong accent unique to themselves and will not come down from outside thier hut on the top of thier dried out hill.
The popular TV series... :-d
by -=Mini=- January 09, 2005
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