Simple minded, rural and inbred. Poor excuses for homosapiens. Diet Consists of roasted racoon and roadkill. usually has around 12 children, all named cleetus, britney or clancey. Lives in trailers or shacks. often mistaken for game. the combined IQ of a family of hillbilly's often challenges the IQ of the raodkill they eat, which is approximatly how many teeth they have (less then 5)

Phrases often used:
ma (mother)
pa (father)
food (roadkill)
crocodillo (rodent)
spoon (any general tool)
ahuhug (hillbilly laugh)
toilet (sink)
them posh city folk (humans)
aha ahugugh (pass the salt)

only a true hillbilly can point out the direction of 'yonder'
hillbillys often get gas money by selling their truck.

hillbillys are also known as:
country folk
trailer park white trash
'i dun got me some roadkill, ahuhug'
'id rather you be quiet, stupid hillbilly'
'dawng..yous posh city folk..err..ahuhug.'
'look ma...i fund a spoon an its reel shiney like ahug.'
by Deano Griffin July 12, 2006
Top Definition
Often used as an insult and racial slur against White folks who live in the country. A hillbilly is a person who lives in a remote, rural area in the South, often in the Appalachian (Or sometimes Ozark) Mountains and therefore is isolated and somewhat out of touch with modern culture.

The stereotype of a hillbilly is a person who: Is a White Southerner who owns a shotgun, goes barefoot, wears a worn out floppy hat, drinks moonshine and whiskey which he makes himself, plays the banjo or fiddle, drives old beat up pick up trucks, has bad teeth, is poorly educated, has long a beard, wears worn out clothes and hand me downs, and is happy and content with what they have.

Just because someone is a hillbilly doesn't mean that they fit the hillbilly stereotype listed above.

Contrary to some of the other entries, hillbillies don’t live in trailer parks; they can’t otherwise they wouldn’t be isolated from modern culture and therefore would not be a hillbilly. They don’t eat road kill; many are actually farmers and hunt for their food, they don’t pick it off the side of the road. Also, hillbillies don’t go around sodomizing people, that is a fictional movie Deliverance which has contributed too many of the negative stereotypes.
A Redneck lives in trailer park and goes on the Jerry Springer show; a Hillbilly lives in a shack or cabin out in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t even have a TV.
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006
Opposite of Metropolitan. Usually found living in sparsley populated areas away from the hustle & bustle of city life. Hillbilly's don't give a shit what city folk think of them. Their apperance & what you think of them is not high on their priority list.

What is important to a Hillbilly?

1. Having a good time with friends & family
2. Not having to answer to anybody
3. Spending time in the outdoors; either in the woods or on the water.
4. Enjoying the finer things in life that money can't buy.

A Modern Hillbilly is NOT:

1. Uneducated (most have college degrees)
2. a redneck
3. white trash
4. a wigger
5. a nigger
6. poor or live in a shack

The Modern Hillbilly is a true bohemian who is not constricted by what the mainstream considers acceptable. They live by their own rules, similar to the "laws of the land".
Did you see those Hillbillys going to the lake in their jacked-up 'burban whith the new Donzi boat?

Hell YEAH!, lets go get our boat and party with them.

Dude, do you know them?

No, but its cool!
by Green Leaf Budz March 14, 2008
A resident of the Ozarks.
Contrary to popular belief Hillbillies are no smarter or dumber then a person from the city, though Hillbillies tend to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life, are laid back, have a penchant for homemade liquor, and have their own slang words.

It is a gross misconception that Rednecks and Hillbillies are one in the same, in truth they are not.

Hillbillies in short are the American version of the true Bohemian.
A Hillbilly, and a Redneck are not the same, Hillbillies, don't date family members.
by vrba79 January 01, 2006
what city slickers call those who are proud of being from the country where u can still use fireworks guns and mud boggers on any vehicle and still fit in at higginsville missouri.
bob: what do ya wanna do?
joe:lets blow something up!!
by just another dude August 27, 2005
Apocryphal attribution to isolated denizens of Appalachian Mountains,(Eastern USA) descendants of some of the earliest Scotch-English settlers, who seem to have had some proclivity for naming their children "William" (familiarly "Bill")and some not inconsiderable inclination to incestuous sexual congress. More recently, the term is used to describe any rural resident,especially in the Southern USA and particularly those living in rather rough-hewn conditions, embracing noticably parochial ideologies and a generally hostile attitude.
When the hillbillies moved into the trailer park, they maintained their habits of firing off their revolvers at odd hours and cohabiting with their livestock.
by crowbone July 20, 2003
Contrary to popular belief, hillbillys and rednecks are NOT the same thing.

Live in the mountains. (hence the name) appalaichians or the ozarks.
Are from the South
Are most of the time educated, they just enjoy the simpler things in life, and dont like to live near a ton of people.
Mostly, very family and friend oriented people.

In my experience, mostly come from texas.. basically the regions in the south that dont have mountains.
Are also educated mostly, they also dont like to live with alot of people around, but they are usually a little less civiliazed then hillbillys.
Can get very roudy.. (loud, kinda crazy) but all in all, both are very good people,
and both have traditional Southern values.
kid-Where's your dad?
me-My daddy lives in texas.
kid-So he's a hillbilly?
me-no, he doesnt live in the mountains, he's more of a redneck.
by southern belle. August 15, 2009
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