A girl with a dual personality. One is a preppy teenage girl that needs to hit the gym. She thinks shes pretty. The other is a preppy teenage girl that thinks shes punk because she wore black pants and a red shirt on the same day, and even added a studded bracelet.
She has a clothing line, Stuff by Duff, that encourages innocent little girls to think they're punk because they bought a Stuff by Duff desk set that says "Punk Chick" on it.
Thanks, to Duff's manager, Susan Duff, we are forced to put up with the disaster. Blame her.
Girl: Hey, like, wanna go to a Hilary Duff concert??
Girl2: Yeah! Mabye my mom will take us to Target so we can waste my dads hard earned money on things that have Lizzy McGuire's face on them!!!
by KaylaBug August 13, 2005
A stupid fucken whore that got her ugly ass dumped by my man Joel madden the only reason he went out with her was because he felt sorry for her stupid ass I fucken hate her props to everyone else that hates her too!
out of 6 pages of dissing that fake-ass dumb blonde onle 3 ppl actually like her
by hilary hater December 11, 2004
a pathetcic little girl with really short bangs and the most annoying voice in the history of history. she cannot sing, she is a whore no matter what the "good girl" image may or may not give off. her sister's ugly too. her show is moronic. she should die. lindsay lohan is better and even she sucks, well atleast she does shit that the press doesn't like. hilary duff is a fake.
"i hate you hilary duff."
by i hate hilary November 07, 2004
Dumbest bitch in the whole world, right after Britney!!!
by DanielTV May 29, 2005
The dumbest bitch you will ever see. She is an ugly, fat, stupid whore who is a donkey.
Omg i just saw a hilary duff sucking a man's dick.
by Baddest- Bitch April 23, 2005
i hate hilary duff. she thinks that she is so kool just Bkuz shes with joel madden(sooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) she is so wierd and dorky and has absolutley no talent wat so ever. if u look under fake or poser or teeny bopper or perky snob, she will probably be there.i dont get why anyone is her fan. and whats with her thinking she is the girl of "ROCK"? sure she is, sure she is. she is nothing but a joel stealer that gets money just Bkuz of her family who are all just like her.
i hate her. go 2 hell hilary!!!!!!!!!
by catherine February 28, 2005
Hilary Duff is a fat bitch who is a complete slut. Have you seen her with condoms in her purse? I don't wanna know who's doing her, but I just hope they don't get fat girl rabies.She's 145 pounds of bad singing. BAD SINGING. Like, my ears bleed. agghhhhh!!!!
little girl: mommy, can you buy me one of these? (looking at condoms)
mom: You've been watching too much Lizzie McGuire.
by Sarah February 19, 2005
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