When a pedophile poses as a record producer and intices an underaged hottie with a recording contract and movie deal in order to get her into an "audition" at his studio apartment. Later he sells the video clips of her "performance" on his website for $29.95!
Pedophile:"Dude, I ran into this hot 14 year old and I so Hilary Duff'ed her!"
Undercover cop:"Congratulations! You are now someones future Bitch!" Handcuffs come out...
by Lord Meatclown August 09, 2004
The worst pop star in the entire world. Her music is a piece of shit, her movies are horrible, and she's so fucking fake looking! I mean, she's a total fake blonde and a poseur punk. Anyone who likes her is fucking crazy or a 10 year old girl who'll grow up to be a prostitute or a stripper. If you like Hilary, GET A LIFE! Honestly!
POSEUR: Hey, girlfriend! Check out this new Hilary CD, Metamorphosis! It's like, so, like, hawt! OMG you should so buy it and rock out!
PERSON: You suck balls. Go find some good music, bitch.

POSEUR: (sings) Let the raaaaain fall down...
PERSON: Aw fuck turn that shit off, it's like drowning in a vat of Cotton Candy! Jesus!

PERVERT: Oh, man, I wanna do Hilary up the ass...
PERSON: Have you even seen her? She's so ugly and fake!
a poser who date joel. who is suddenly into punk pop. Who thinks she's so punk. not talented and not pretty.
"Oh lookie! I painted my nails black. I date joel madden of gc and now, I'm Shoooo getho cuz i love joel! omigosh. but i'm like still using expensive stuff. heheheheeheeeee"
by Anna February 09, 2005
The ability to be completely unknown to anyone anywhere except in America.
Never drink soap or be Hilary Duff
by Azure September 10, 2004
Stupidest Teeny Bopper.

Tries desperatley to have talent,but fails miserably.

Tries to be "cool"
Person1:OMG,Hilary Duff streaked her hair black to look cool.

Person2:What a poser!
by HDH8r September 11, 2004
1.Living proof that no one needs talent to make it in Hollywood.
2. New word(s) meant as an insult.
1.Manager: Hilary was late for her lipsync session today. I'm so pissed!
2.Girl: Gawd, you're such a Hilary Duff!
by Mikhail-Bolshevik June 22, 2005
1) A term used to define someone who has no talent. See poser

Comes from the teeny bopper Hilary Duff, since she has absloutely talent.
My friend can't do anything, making her a Hilary Duff.

You are such a Hilary Duff!
by Emily April 13, 2005
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