blonde, whore, who can't get a record label on talent so she uses the fame she already had from her dumb disney show, Lizzie Mcguire! She thinks she is punk but is the biggest poser I have ever seen in my entire life! Just because you are supposibly 'dating' Joel Madden does not make you punk hun and niether does wearing all black!
girl 1: how do I look?

girl 2: look like that poser Hilary Duff!!!
by insider March 27, 2005
1. lip-syncher who sings crap and can permenatly ruin your hearing.
2. Dumb blonde that's a wanna-be and has no talent.
3. Whatever you do, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!
1. Would you please turn the Avril Lavigne track up so we can drown out Hilary Duff?
2. Hilary Duff, "Like can we like make bad movies and like I'll act and then like everyone will think I'm sooo cool?"
3. EEKS!!! It's fat Hilary!!!
by Hilary Hater December 07, 2004
stupid blonde who doesnt know how to sing or has no vocal talents. some thing about her i do not like she sucks
i wanna rip her head off. rite NOW
by mc July 11, 2004
Hilary Duff is a dime a dozen, bottle blonde, talentless loser. She is in pointless, plotless movies with less than stellar ratings.
"Hilary Duff is lame. Anyone who likes her should be shot."
"Hilary Duff is a skank in the disguise of clothes a 13 year old retard whouldn't even wear."
"What in the name of Lucifer was that bitch Hilary Duff thinking when she wore a fucking kimono?"
by Total Awesomeness February 25, 2005
talentless pop tart with a horrible, computerized singing voice. lip synchs her bubblegum pop songs and does not write her own songs. fans are all 10-year-old girls who wear glitter eye shadow.
hilary duff is a stupid bitch who deserves to die.
by Gina November 28, 2004
Hilary Duff is an untalented try hard scrag who is betta off at the bottom of a lake than bursting our eardrums with her stupid sluty songs...
hilary singing: why not do a skanky dance, why not get into my pants, im a stupid whor so why not, why not... u no u want to...
by nicki September 18, 2004
A talentless girl who tries to be punk but can't. She gives all punk people a bad name, she should just jump off a cliff and DIE!
Slut, whore, bitch, crack head, hoe
by Nicole September 09, 2004

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