A hot girl I want so want to do up the butt.

If any guy says no to that offer or thinks she is ugly, is gay.
Friend: What do you want to do today?

Me: Hilary Duff in the ass.
by bellllllllllllo December 05, 2004
Hilary is such a great girl. She is a talented artist. Her music and her movies are fantastic and she is loved by so many people. She is so beautiful aswell.
She is so nice. Lindsay is mean to her and lindsay is ugly and has crap music!
Raise Your Voice
Lizzie Maguire
Both gud movies
by Charlotte Brear May 09, 2005
despite the skeptics, she is an immeasurably talented young singer and actor, who is pretty, and as opposed to those angry raging bitches out there, is better than all of you, so SHUT UP. Shes very nice.
that Hilary Duff is the best!
by Chris April 14, 2005
Better version of Lindsay Lohan. It's nice to see that she hasn't alterted her image and still maintains the cute, preppy look that many are giving up for media attention! She is definitely getting better at at acting and singing and even sounds semi-decent live.
People are so redundant about the reasons why they Hilary Duff; they think it's cool to go on and on about how she's like soooooo manufactured.
by moomoo January 02, 2005
The best damn singer period!!! She's also hot and got game.
Hilary Duff's "Metamorphosis" is one of the greatest CD's ever!
by Duffnationusa March 16, 2005
A very talented American singer and actress. The definition of perfect.
"Mmm... Hilary"
"Hilary Duff for President 2008!"
by Lev Yashin December 01, 2004
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