Hilary is an great actress and singer. She not only has the look, but her talent far surpases that of Avaral or anyone else. Some people may say that she doesnt write her own songs, but who does? I sure as hell know that Britney spears and others do not.

She is hot, and everyone is jelious. So the teenage bitches that come to this site to drag her down and call her "Fat ugly talentless" are usually fat ugly bitches themselves. They know they will get no where in life, so they take the time to discredit others.
Read above, those of you who try to discredit her would be much better off dead. (For example, kill yourself?)
by Fiepotheclown August 25, 2005
Rhyming slang for muff. Usually refering to a female you'd want to bang up.

This hasn't as yet been accepeted as rhyming slang, it's something I came up with.
#In some bar#

Man: thats a nice bit of 'hillary duff' just walked in
by dw October 22, 2004
i am hilary duff's biggest fan and anyone who disagrees its a fat mole. they are eithe jealous cuz they aint her or want look like her...well newsflash! pull the pole outta ur arse ppl...give her a chance!
u all suk if u h8 hilary duff

u bunch of hypocrites
by biggest fan alltime u all suk August 30, 2005
Guy 1:Man, she is so fuckin hot! And she's rich too!

Guy 2:I know, I love Hilary Duff!
a very hot,young woman with great talents in everything she does. whoever doesnt like her is just jealous because shes better than all of you low-lives.
"look its hilary duff! wut a hottie!"
by Matt April 20, 2005
the best singer in the world
the best actress and model too
my idol
i love her
my name is alexandra grace jacob and i love hilary duff
hilary duff is an excellent actress and singer!
by alexandra grace jacob April 12, 2005
A talented actress and singer who isn't conceited and is very nice to everyone she meets. She's not a skank and is an excellent role model for teens. Anyone who hates her must have severe brain damage.
The world needs more people like Hilary Duff.
by kabitzinOP March 10, 2005

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