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A little, annoying, disgusting creature that attemps to sing and act.

WARNING: Do not approach, listen to and or watch.

Side Effects may include - vomiting, bleeding of the ear, deafness, blindness, serious annoyance, siezures, retardation, the want to comit suicide, brainwashing and even death
Talk to your doctor and find out why anything hilary duff is NOT right for you.
by 4422 April 06, 2006
A girl who got a record deal based on nothing, but her cute blonde innocent girl image.

The girl can not act to save her life, is in the acting business for only one type of a role, a blonde innocent sweet girl who cries and moans.

She hasn't ever played a role other then a teen girl, she is already 18 but in every movie she plays a sweet 15 year old.
Girl: Wow this concert sucks. She can't sing, like, her voice is, like, digitized.
Boy: Yeah but she's hot.
Girl: She's ugly and fat.
Boy: Yeah but shes hot.
by afasfasf August 29, 2005
a slut that can't act, sing, or fool people anymore. starts fight with people who are better than her, and is one of the biggest posers around.
if you keep that up you'll be like hilary duff
by sunkissedbrunette May 09, 2005
Former teeny bopper, most comparable to Miley Cyrus. To understand Hilary Duff all you need to know is that, let's say, five years ago (2005-ish) she was effectively blonde Miley Cyrus. She sang, she acted - even juggled on request. She was a clean-cut Disney kid, with masses of family appeal. The way, Miley Cyrus broke onto our screens in 'Hannah Montana', Hilary Duff did so on 'Lizzie McGuire'. And you guessed it, she went onto pursue other projects - including countless high profile films, TV shows and albums. Boy, those were the days! Today however, that's all in the past. Over the late noughties she slid from much loved pop icon to washed up former child star (a little like Haley Joel Osment and Amanda Bynes). Now she spends her days...
Actually, come to think of it, I have no idea how she fills her time. She's reached such a sorry washed up state, that who knows? I'm sure she spends her days shopping and grabbing coffee (trying to convince everyone she's still 'it'). And that, my friends, is Hilary Duff in a nutshell. All we'll see of her now is the odd cameo TV appearance. Other than that, it'll seem like she's vanished off the face of the Earth! Never mind, Duff. It was good while it lasted!
Former Hilary Duff fan watching 'Hannah Montana': "This Miley Cyrus reminds me of somebody. But I just can't think, for the life of me, who!"
by ChooseRedBull May 19, 2010
Talentless loser. Known for her annoying laugh. She can't act nor sing. She was fat, then she lost weight. She looks even more hideous as she lost weight.

Disney star gone lame.
Lindsey Lohan is on the verge of becoming Hilary Duff!! omgz!
by gunslinger extraordinaire March 25, 2006
Proof that America really is turning into a talentless shithole.

see also: Lindsay Lohan
People like Hilary Duff are living proof that one needs no talent in order to make a name for themselves; they just have to have connections and a mindset that enables them to become a manufactured public icon.
by Calypsion June 28, 2006
Fake blonde hair, fake whiny voice, fake face... she might as well become a living BARBIE. Apparently thinks that wearing a ton of black eyeliner makes her very "punk-rock". Dream on. She can barely sing, and her track skipped halfway through the performance at the New Year's Bash. There's no question that she lip synches. And her make-up then... God, the tip might've been a blunt axe. Her fans are mostly 10 - 13 year olds that probably have never heard of AC/DC and think the Rolling Stones suck. (Sadly, two of my friends are like that.) Fans also tend to use the word "like" alternatively.
Girl 1: OMG, like, guess what!
Girl 2: Oh, I don't, like, know?
Girl 1: My dad, like, got tickets!
Girl 2: Like, what tickets?
Girl 1: The tickets to, like, Hilary Duff's, like, concert! Like, DUH!
Girl 2: OMG! You are, like, SO, like, lucky!
Girl 1: I know!
*girls start squealing*
Girl 2: AHH! I, like, broke my NAIL!
(Hater nearby sticks earplugs into ears)
by A "Assassin" Lupin April 11, 2006