Dumbest bitch in the whole world, right after Britney!!!
by DanielTV May 29, 2005
i hate hilary duff. she thinks that she is so kool just Bkuz shes with joel madden(sooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) she is so wierd and dorky and has absolutley no talent wat so ever. if u look under fake or poser or teeny bopper or perky snob, she will probably be there.i dont get why anyone is her fan. and whats with her thinking she is the girl of "ROCK"? sure she is, sure she is. she is nothing but a joel stealer that gets money just Bkuz of her family who are all just like her.
i hate her. go 2 hell hilary!!!!!!!!!
by catherine February 28, 2005
Talentless, with a bad voice and an obnoxious teen-queen attitude. Rival of the much hotter, much better breasted Lindsey Lohan. The only good thing about Duff is that if she's drunk enough, all you have to do is go to the same party as her to get some teen-queen ass, but not if you're too old.

See jailbait
Bob- "Hey guys, last night I got hammered and I fucked Hilary Duff!"

Tim- "Shit dude, how was it?"

Bob- "I dunno, I blacked. Ask one of the hundred other guys at the party, they all would be able to answer your question too."

Tim- "Ah shit, they all got arrested."
by Demon Phoenix 1337 January 01, 2005
eww she's a obese 11 year old
hilary duff: Im lyke soo appreciattive...and lyke i just waannA thank Evrywun hu lyke supports meh...
Girl:it's ok we know u ditn get enuf oxygen to your brain...we take sympathy ;)
Breast implants, "goody-goody": bullshit, lip-syncs, Lindsay Lohan
by dudestop December 14, 2004
a worthless sack of dogshit.preppy ass wanna-be punk poser...who needs to get a life.a fake.a user,and a fucking jackass...

message to joel m...hun,your too good for her.
hilary duff is a fake white ass slut.
by Jade,and Mariah August 28, 2005
See jailbait.
Jim: I just fucked Hilary Duff.
Policeman: She is underage. You're under arrest.
Jim: Shit. That Hilary Duff ain't nothin but jailbait.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004

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