Some blonde bimbo bitch who is an actress/pop singer. Shes a talentless whore. She used to play on some TV show on Disney called "lizzie mcguiar", but quit because "they would't pay her enough". She has her own clothing line called "stuff by duff". She CAN'T sing, dance or act. She has no talent. Shes always getting into fights with other celebs/or just dissing them.(Avril Lavigne/Lindsey Lohan/Amy Lee ect.). Shes is a wannabe Britney Spears. She is such a "girly-girl" and a "goody-goody". Shes has yellow teeth. She weares skanky clothes that show her stomach; she is WAAAAY too fat to be wearing stuff like that. She thinx she's "punk" because she hanges out with Joel from Good Charlotte. WTF? Hes not even a 'punk'. Once I saw her wearing a shirt that says "punk rocker" on it. POSER! She thinx her "music" is rock. Its pop NOT rock. Her "music" sucks big time. Who would waste their money on that crap she calls music?! The only ppl who listen to her "music" are preppy 10 year old girls who think she is "cool".

10 year old HD fan:Oh mah friggin gawdz!!! Hilary Duff iz lyk, sOoOo totally kewl!!! She iz da kewlest punx rawker eva!!!!!!!!1

Me:She sucks and she is NOT a punk rocker.

HDfan:Oh mah gawdz, u iz jus jellouz!!!!!

Me:Why should I be jealous of her?


Me:Yeah, sure...whatever you say... ¬_¬
by Riot Girl June 22, 2005
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A girl who got a record deal based on her already-present fame, rather than vocal talent.
Her voice is horrible, despite the digital altering. Hilary Duff makes Britney Spears sound like Mariah Carey.
And, on top of that, Hilary doesn't even write her own songs (which is a scary thought anyway). Her singing is pretty much monotone; she has a pathetic voice range.
Let's just say that she wouldn't stand a chance on American Idol.
(on American Idol, before Hilary's fame)
Hilary: Today I'll be performing "Why Not" for you! Omigosh, I'm sooo gonna be the next American Idol.
Paula: We're ready when you're ready.
Hilary (singing): Why not, take a crazy chance, why not, do a crazy dance---
Simon: Spare us! STOP! My GOD, you sound like a dying goat! Agh, my ears..
Hilary: B-b-but, I'm like, so pretty!
by Ivory March 10, 2004
A false misconception of what talent is. Shallow, lame, and selfish.

Completely blonde, bottled that is. Multi-millionaire for no reason. Mom and daughter trouble makers. Stage people.

HOAX. No singing talent, or knowledge. No live performances. Ever. Moves like she has a wedgie, and has ants in her bra.

Fans=boys who want to fantasize, but can't access porn. Fans=girls who think everyones jealous, because of their awful beauty. Look up narcissism, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears.
Reality TV star fame. Teeny Boppers. Sick men/boys. Fools.
by C February 04, 2004
An over-rated manufactured girl with no real singing and acting talents and is only famous because her mother is a producer.

A girl who seems "hot" to her fans only because of the way she is promoted and because of her perky-girl image.

A girl with fans who are mostly annoying, bland, unintelligent, and heavily opinionated.
She was caught lip-syncing while performing live on MTV on New Year's Eve 2004! Her CD apparently began to skip all of the sudden and she was inevitably caught lip-syncing. Finally, the curtain lifts.
by anonymous January 03, 2004
(n)- blonde who lipsyncs (see New Year's Eve), "acts" (cough), feels that fighting with other actresses will make her feel better about herself (see Lindsey Lohan, Avril Lavigne), mama's girl (wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for her mother), famous for some unknown reason (still can't seem to figure it out); for all hilary lovers- if she's so "pretty" why does she wear ten pounds of makeup to cover up her obviously ugly face? oh yes- and why would everyone who hates hilary be jealous (some people really need to learn how to spell that word)? i can mouth words into a microphone! i can put on makeup! i should be famous!!!
If Hilary Duff is not stopped:
One day, all of the brainwashed ten year olds will unite with hilary as their leader. they will overthrow the president and all other forms of government. they will then proceed to have everyone listen to metamorphosis nonstop. this will result in deafness throughout the world. people will also have to watch lizzie mcguire for hours. this will result in loss of eyesight. the world as we know it will be destroyed!
by DIE HILARY April 10, 2004
1. A teenage pop star who can not act nor sing.
2. A girl who tends to say the word "like" every few seconds.
3. A girl whose album you should not buy nor watch her television show.
1. Hilary Duff's singing hurts my ears.
2. And then like omg like I like omg suck at like singing like ya.
3. Her television show blinded me.
by nibbor May 26, 2004
A chunky prep with a fake voice and blonde hair, need I say more? The most overrated celebrity to ever walk the earth. Would be shit if Disney hadn't picked her up from the side of the road. Had the guts to wear converses in her "Why Not" music video.
Hilary Duff is a chain smoker.
by Juggalette Mini March 22, 2004
name for a girl who can not sing or act with any ounce of talent. she needs to be shot.
"Gawd, you sound as horrible as Hilary Duff!"
by Krissy March 25, 2004
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