1.)a fat, talentless, slutty, blonde bitch; who is a "singer"/"actress". she sucks ass. her movies suck, her "music" sucks. when she sings, she sounds like an old lady. lol! wears tons of glittery makeup. and shes a big poser. one day shes all preppy, the next she thinks shes punk. she starts fights w/ avril lavigne and lindsey lohan. what a bitch. oh, and incase you didn't already know; joel and her never dated. they were just friends.

see: whore slut bitch poser teenie bopper prep

2.)an insult.
1.)person1:"did you see that new hilary duff movie?"

person2:"no; but i'm sure it sucks."

2.)person1:"hey, like, i'm like, so cool."

person2:"shut up you hilary duff!"
by Heather April 21, 2005
Stupid bitch that thinks she can sing and act. God William Shatner is better.
Duff has a sister.
Duffman can't hear!!!! Ohh YEAH!!!!
by Kunx990 July 09, 2004
A talentless girl who tries to be punk but can't. She gives all punk people a bad name, she should just jump off a cliff and DIE!
Slut, whore, bitch, crack head, hoe
by Nicole September 09, 2004
Hilary Duff=poser
I have much more to say, I despise her with every fiber of my being, but, I won't. She is a poser. End of story.
Dumb Kid: lyk oMg!!!111!!! Did you lyk, get the new Hilry Duff cd?!?!?!
Me: No you moron, she's such a poser! Now go boil your head.
by Evette May 25, 2005
A stupid fat fake blonde bitch who thinks she can sing but she sucks at singing. She is a horrible singer and actress as well.
Hilary Duff is a cuntrag.
by Twitch March 23, 2005
POSER!!! She thinks that if she dates joel from good charlotte that she can be punk! She needs to go back to aaron carter! Shes such a fuckin gay prep!
And WTF was joel thinking when he asked her out???
Hilary and her sister cannot sing!
I cant beleive her sister got a part in napoleon dynamite she ruined the movie!
by Enna B. January 16, 2005
A blonde freak who had the worst TV show I have ever seen. She decided one day to sing. She pollutes the radio with songs obviously not written by her, but make no sence anyway. Quote from her song: "im gonna keep your jeans,
and your old black hat (cuz i wanna)
they look good on me,
you're never gonna get them back" Right...she will steal your clothes because they look better on her? She has a huge army of 10 year olds who like to wear blue eyeshadow and sparkly nailpolish.
*Someone sings badly*

Me: Who'd you learn to sing from, Hilary Duff? *laugh*

*Bad singer runs away, crying*
by Bayou Bob February 06, 2005
Hilary Duff is talentless, with a bad voice to boot, and an obnoxious teen-queen attitude. The worst pop star in the entire world (or one of them). Her music is as artificial as virtual reality and her movies are horrible! I mean, she's a total fake blonde and a poser punk/goth. Hilary Duff is not talented whatsoever. She can't sing or act and that's that. The fact that she has a record deal and movie contracts instead of the many other talented people out there proves that you don't have to be good at anything to be recognized for something. On top of that, Hilary doesn't even write her own songs, nor does she actually sing for her fans at concerts (lip synching is a talent that she DOES possess). Her voice is horrible, despite the digital altering. If you ask me, Hilary doesn't deserve stardom. I find "artists" like Hilary Duff insulting to the truly talented singers and entertainers today. A lot of artists' voices are enhanced through technology, and are backed up.. or should I say "covered up" with backup voices. She is a talentless waste of an artist and people like her are taking up space on tv and the airwaves instead of real musicians who aren't given a chance. Her singing is obviously artificial and her music is such trite junk. She makes me want to vomit simply on the fact alone that she can't sing, much less is only popular by association, has terrible music written FOR her and the fact that she lip synchs.
Hilary Duff is a waste of celebrity status.
by SuperSonicX September 12, 2005

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