1.)a fat, talentless, slutty, blonde bitch; who is a "singer"/"actress". she sucks ass. her movies suck, her "music" sucks. when she sings, she sounds like an old lady. lol! wears tons of glittery makeup. and shes a big poser. one day shes all preppy, the next she thinks shes punk. she starts fights w/ avril lavigne and lindsey lohan. what a bitch. oh, and incase you didn't already know; joel and her never dated. they were just friends.

see: whore slut bitch poser teenie bopper prep

2.)an insult.
1.)person1:"did you see that new hilary duff movie?"

person2:"no; but i'm sure it sucks."

2.)person1:"hey, like, i'm like, so cool."

person2:"shut up you hilary duff!"
by Heather April 21, 2005
Hilary is a stupid blonde chick that can't sing for shit, can't act for shit, and can't dress for shit. I'm sorry for all the little kids that like her. Maybe someday they will grow up and get a clue. SHE BITES THE BIG ONE!
Think shorter, slighty more annoying version of Britney Spears.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 24, 2004
Preppy little Bitch who can't sing, can't act, and is just a product of Disney.
Hilary Duff has no talent.
by Lina September 01, 2004

1. A plastic "actress" that cannot sing, act, or dance. Cannot talk without making croaking sound before.

2. A preppy person who is making millions for lip synching and horrible acting. See also HAYLIE DUFF.

3. A mean younger sister with a preppy older sister riding on her coattails.

4. A person that can only sing one note, and has someone else write a song in that note.
1. Hilary Duff got a nose Job.
by carri September 01, 2005
-gives music a bad name.
-says "like" wayy too much for anyones own good.
-doesn't appreciate her fans. (what fans?!)
-fights over the stupidest things with everyone. (lindsay and avril win though)
-is very immature.
-has a horrible voice.
-is so unappreciative of her career.

'fights over the stupidest things with ppl.'
^^^"mommy, linsay stole my boyfriend."
ohh boo hoo, bitch, go suck a bottle. that's the only thing you'll ever suck anyways.

-her fans are a bunch of slut-faces hoe-bags who think that a day at the mall is what life's all about.
by Joanna November 13, 2004
a person who has no talent at all.annoying too.such a girly girl and a goody goody.a dying goat sounds better den her
see goody-goody.
or jst stay here.were talking bout hilary duff dont u knw?
by punk'd fan August 17, 2004
1. lip-syncher who sings crap and can permenatly ruin your hearing.
2. Dumb blonde that's a wanna-be and has no talent.
3. Whatever you do, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!
1. Would you please turn the Avril Lavigne track up so we can drown out Hilary Duff?
2. Hilary Duff, "Like can we like make bad movies and like I'll act and then like everyone will think I'm sooo cool?"
3. EEKS!!! It's fat Hilary!!!
by Hilary Hater December 07, 2004
An actress/singer who should just quit and work the drive-thru at Burger King. Best described by making fun of her lyrics.
Let the rain fall down and take her away.
Let it wash away her vanity.
Because we\'d rather hear the thunder than hear her sing.
by Clueless April 26, 2005

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