1. A plastic "actress" that cannot sing, act, or dance. Cannot talk without making croaking sound before.

2. A preppy person who is making millions for lip synching and horrible acting. See also HAYLIE DUFF.

3. A mean younger sister with a preppy older sister riding on her coattails.

4. A person that can only sing one note, and has someone else write a song in that note.
1. Hilary Duff got a nose Job.
by carri September 01, 2005
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Hilary Duff is a whole, slut and a telentless bitch.. She pretty much ruined any movie she was in by her stupid preppy, blonde, bitchy personality. Her TV show was the worst thing EVER AIRED ON TV and even thought i have never and will never see the movie, i'm sure it was just as horrible. She can't sing, can't act and when she "dances" she looks like she's having a seizure.
She plays all innocent 1 minute, than shes "punk" the next. Theres no way in hell Joel would have ever gone out with her.
She should crawl in a hole and die.
She was caught lip synching. she's an ugly whore. for all the girls who say shes pretty, SHES FUCKING LOADING HER FACE WITH A TON OF MAKEUP EACH DAY WITH A FUCKING SHOVEL! GET A NEW FUCKING ROLE MODEL!
she sounds like a constipated goat *thats an insult to the goat*
by Kristina February 23, 2005
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My best friend died last night after he saw Cinderella Story.
by Lazlow March 02, 2005
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A blonde, corporate puppet who continues to embarass herself by spawning horrid music and Hilary Propaganda (brought to you by Wal-Mart and other fine retailers). Like other mediocre actors and actresses who were spoon-fed fame and fortune, she was easily able to obtain a record deal without any actual talent on her behalf. But with the help of digital altering and makeup artists, of course, she managed to be successful, at the expense of those of us with fragile ears and a decent taste in music.

She has a relatively large cult following of pubescent fangirls, which began with her very cliche, ridiculous television show on Disney called "Lizzie McGuire", in which she (attempts) to portray the stereotypical, melodramatic teenager.

Teenybopper: Hilary Duff is my hero! Do you like Hilary Duff, friend?
Myself: No, no I do not, sheep.
by Casey St.John September 04, 2005
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Preppy little Bitch who can't sing, can't act, and is just a product of Disney.
Hilary Duff has no talent.
by Lina September 01, 2004
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A spoiled little brat who tries to act, sing, and make a clothes. Sadly, many vulnerable people think that she is amazing and wear her clothes, consisting of sparkly, hot pink clothes that have been washed so many times that they could hardly fit on a peanut.
Bob: "What's that horrible sound?"
Jones: "Hilary Duff most likely."
by Dandymaker February 10, 2005
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Some blonde bimbo bitch who is an actress/pop singer. Shes a talentless whore. She used to play on some TV show on Disney called "lizzie mcguiar", but quit because "they would't pay her enough". She has her own clothing line called "stuff by duff". She CAN'T sing, dance or act. She has no talent. Shes always getting into fights with other celebs/or just dissing them.(Avril Lavigne/Lindsey Lohan/Amy Lee ect.). Shes is a wannabe Britney Spears. She is such a "girly-girl" and a "goody-goody". Shes has yellow teeth. She weares skanky clothes that show her stomach; she is WAAAAY too fat to be wearing stuff like that. She thinx she's "punk" because she hanges out with Joel from Good Charlotte. WTF? Hes not even a 'punk'. Once I saw her wearing a shirt that says "punk rocker" on it. POSER! She thinx her "music" is rock. Its pop NOT rock. Her "music" sucks big time. Who would waste their money on that crap she calls music?! The only ppl who listen to her "music" are preppy 10 year old girls who think she is "cool".

10 year old HD fan:Oh mah friggin gawdz!!! Hilary Duff iz lyk, sOoOo totally kewl!!! She iz da kewlest punx rawker eva!!!!!!!!1

Me:She sucks and she is NOT a punk rocker.

HDfan:Oh mah gawdz, u iz jus jellouz!!!!!

Me:Why should I be jealous of her?


Me:Yeah, sure...whatever you say... ¬_¬
by Riot Girl June 22, 2005
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