1.)a fat, talentless, slutty, blonde bitch; who is a "singer"/"actress". she sucks ass. her movies suck, her "music" sucks. when she sings, she sounds like an old lady. lol! wears tons of glittery makeup. and shes a big poser. one day shes all preppy, the next she thinks shes punk. she starts fights w/ avril lavigne and lindsey lohan. what a bitch. oh, and incase you didn't already know; joel and her never dated. they were just friends.

see: whore slut bitch poser teenie bopper prep

2.)an insult.
1.)person1:"did you see that new hilary duff movie?"

person2:"no; but i'm sure it sucks."

2.)person1:"hey, like, i'm like, so cool."

person2:"shut up you hilary duff!"
by Heather April 21, 2005
A person who thinks she is the center of the celeb. world and who thinks she can sing just because she was on a stupid kiddy show.::
Just hearing her name makes me cringe.::
by urbanslushie July 25, 2004
Hilary Duff is a whole, slut and a telentless bitch.. She pretty much ruined any movie she was in by her stupid preppy, blonde, bitchy personality. Her TV show was the worst thing EVER AIRED ON TV and even thought i have never and will never see the movie, i'm sure it was just as horrible. She can't sing, can't act and when she "dances" she looks like she's having a seizure.
She plays all innocent 1 minute, than shes "punk" the next. Theres no way in hell Joel would have ever gone out with her.
She should crawl in a hole and die.
She was caught lip synching. she's an ugly whore. for all the girls who say shes pretty, SHES FUCKING LOADING HER FACE WITH A TON OF MAKEUP EACH DAY WITH A FUCKING SHOVEL! GET A NEW FUCKING ROLE MODEL!
she sounds like a constipated goat *thats an insult to the goat*
by Kristina February 23, 2005
Another living version of the "dumb blonde" stereotype. Except this little harlot seems to think that she can sing and act and that she's a beauty...

au contraire, mon cherie: she sounds like she's inhaled helium (not a good thing), she acts about as well as a one legged dog trying to cross a busy street, and she wears enough makeup to supply Detroit... with or without makeup, she's almost always frightening to look at. And let's not get started on her overly-perky personality.

And immature? Yes. She started feuds with Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne, and for what? Something minor.
And her mother has about as much maturity as her, and even partakes in the feuds! Even accusing Lindsay of vandalising Hilary's car when Lindsay was out of the country?! Puh-lease, Hilary and her mother need a good smack in the face.
Hilary Duff? Britney Spears? They suck donkey balls!
by Lorelili March 25, 2005
Sucky, talentless bitchass wannabe tart. Yes, tart. Can't sing for crap. Would not stand a chance on American Idol were it not for her starring in Lizzie McGuire and the Lizzie McGuire movie. It would be funny to see Simon tear her apart. Only popular because she is -quote- hot -unquote-. ::vomit::
Hilary Lover; OMG Hilary is soo pretty and cute and nice and talented and smart and good at acting and sweet and funny and cool!

::vomits violently, dies from the sheer horror of Hilary's voice::
by Katie June 21, 2004
Followed by an army of 10-year-olds who wear sparkly nailpolish and blue eyeshadow.
10-year-olds who wear sparkly nailpolish and blue eyeshadow: Hilary Duff, you rock!!!!!

Me: You suck!
by Bayou Bob February 13, 2005
also known as a whore
hillary duff can't sing she is just a whore
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
1) No talent. Cannot sing, can't dance, doesn't write songs, doesn't play instruments, doesn't produce, and CAN'T ACT.
2) Her musical success is due to her already present fame from Lizzie McGuire.
3)The only reason she got lizzie McGuire is cause she ahd the right look and the right goody-goody personality. She can't act for shit.
4)The only reaosn her fans like her is cause parents think she's a good role model for their kids.
Hilary duff sucks her own dick.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005

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