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1. A word associated with an individual that lacks skills in fantasy football; generally is found at the bottom of the standings each and every year; tends to know nothing about the game of football and loves sending stupid trades that no one even looks at.
2. A word used to describe someone who has a hard time picking up girls; or someone that still sleeps with his mother at night.

1. A newly discovered STD found in some men causing their penis to shrink to an abnormally small size.
Friend 1: My whole team under-performed this year, just like they did the last few years. No worries though, next year I'll win for sure!
Friend 2: Bro, your team is worse than the Charlotte Bobcats. You are and always will be the Hiken.

A signature Hiken trade offer example:
"Dude, I'll give you Maurice Clarett, Tim Tebow, and Rich Eisen for Doug Martin, RG3, and Calvin Johnson"

Friend 1: Dude! Did you nail that chick you were talking about last night?!?
Friend 2: Yeah man...but somethings up with my dick. It's smaller than usual, I didn't think this was possible :(
Friend 1: Damn bro, you probably caught the Hiken
by Leon Sandcastle April 22, 2013
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