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1. A Higley Schoolgirl is when someone (not necessarily JUST a girl) makes a scene on a bus accusing someone else on the bus for punching them. Even more specifically punching then in the boob. Then from their they argue and the Higley Schoolgirl attacks and punches whoever they are arguing with.

2. A Higley Schoolgirl is the famous, bratty ass little girl that attended Higley High School in Higley, Arizona and she refused to stay on the bus she was not suppose to get on because it is the bus drivers job to make sure that if there is a kid on the bus that does not ride their bus they must call their parents to pick them up or drive them back to the school and wait for them to get a ride.

3. A Higley Schoolgirl can also be used as a random joke line when talking to friends. When your friend is in a situation or is about to do something shout out this phrase and whether they get it or not at least you thought it was funny.
1. "Hey buddy you lookin' at me all funny?" Fredrick says
"Yea! You punched my man tits when we got on the bus." Greg replies

2. "Did you see that Higley Schoolgirl freak out on the news last night Nathan? I would have been a snobby little shit dick too but she could of just sat down after awhile."
Nathan for some reason replies "DON'T CHYA KNOW!" in a polish accent

3. "Ok Ernie, it is your first day of school, now get on the bus and don't you pull a Higley Schoolgirl on me. Ok honey?" says Ernie's mother
"I won't mums." says Ernie


Kevin says "Hey should I go over and ask for a seventh free sample and see what this crazin asian does?"
Marc says "DO IT!"
Trevor says to Marc "Watch him pull a Higley Schoolgirl."
by Trevor "BLT" Balthrop April 10, 2008
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