1: A main road. When it goes through the countryside, it is often lined the various dead animals. I recently saw a badger lying there inert.

2: A lamp post made by Concrete Utilities in the sixties. Later replaced by the Highway X, which had a slimmer, rounder-shaped base to its column and therefore took up less room on the pavement.
Mrs Ford: Had a good day, Jim?
Mr Ford (who has just arrived home): I was driving along the highway at a steady 50 mph when this stupid toffee-nosed arsehole came tearing along at about 80 or 90, practically rammed my backside for a mile and a half, hooting his horn all the time. When he overtook, he shouted something I couldn't quite understand due to the fact he spoke as though he had his bollocks in his mouth. I naturally did the sensible thing - gave him the finger and told him to f*** off.
Mrs Ford: That's nice, dear.
by StormSworder August 16, 2006
Top Definition
1. A place where people and squirrels and lots of other animals get killed.

2. A very fast going road. A place where cars drive faster than usual. A road which you can use to get to your destination faster by car.

3. When on drugs and high, you're on the highway.

4. Part of the whole name to an album by AC/DC. The full album name is "Highway to hell".
"I'm late for work, I'm taking the highway"

"I'm sorry to say this Jack, but your squirrel is dead"
"Why?! How?!!!"
"It was on the highway."

"That good shit (drugs) guy."
"I'm on the Hiiiway"
by SuperWay July 16, 2006
the way taken that is not low
they got guns and shit on the highway
by mack daddy May 19, 2003
A common nickname for Highway 100, a large cruising street in the Milwaukee area.
"I'm gonna go hit up Highway tonight, wanna come?"
by ajknee May 23, 2006
(noun) A dirty pig farmer from Kentucky who is alway grumpy

(Adj) One who is trained to drive large trucks, but never does.

(noun) A closet homosexual
Go play hide and go screw yourself Highway
by theonewhopostedthis December 21, 2010
California Highway Patrol officer
Jamal just got busted...and they whooped his ass!
"By who?"
That same two Highways that always be up in here.
by Porn is good July 12, 2008
Another word for Stunna Shades
Tim is sellin them Highways for 10 dollars, you betta get yo self a pair.
by Yo momma April 24, 2006
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