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(1) Somebody who yells hateful things at you out of his/her window. Most of the time gets really pissed about traffic and thinks that yelling and beeping a horn will get traffic to move along. Usually a middle-aged man or an old lady.

(2) Those people who scream random phrases at you from out of their car window while passing by. These Highway, or car Banshees sometimes make the mistake of yelling at you from a red light. Most likely children with nothing better to do.
Middle aged man: "HEY! Move the f*ck along you whiny b*tch!!"
Me: "SHUT UP you Highway Banshee!!"

Young child: "HI!" "I LOVE YOU!"
Me: "Uggg.."
Friend: That kid was such a Highway Banshee."
by Cymriccat June 13, 2013
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