A Disney Movie Thats is played on family about twice a month. The first few times you see it, its ok, but after awhile it gets really annoying.
Person1:Dude have you seen high school musical?
Person2:Yeah about 50 times its always on Family.
Person1:Yeah I know its annoying!
by Samanthaa* May 22, 2007
The super awesome Disney movie that is hated by so many, which is so messed up seeing how it makes people happy and most people who hate it, only hate it because it has "so many fangirls" which is basically saying you hate it because it makes other people happy.

Also, people stop liking High school Musical because it is not "cool" anymore. But the truth is, High School Musical is a great, inspirational movie that has no violence, sex, or cussing in it and still gets it meaningful point across. Amazing isn't it?

And so what if it is over-advertised? That is Disney's fault, not the movie's.
HSM fan: Hey, did you watch High School Musical 2 over the summer?

Looser who decided it's not cool anymore: No.

fan: Why?

Looser: Because it's dumb and I never even liked it because there is no making out in it! Plus, it makes people like you HAPPY!
by Zoesoyeah. December 16, 2009
best movie on disney channel EVER!
person1:Did you watch high school musical last night?
person2:yeah it was awesome!!
by highschoolmusical_freak March 11, 2006
A disney movie about Troy and Gabriella - two teens who are worlds apart who meet at a karaoke contest and discover their mutual love for music.

In High School Musical Troy and Gabriella sang Breaking Free.
by Katie Grace April 11, 2006
High School Musical is a Disney Channel Movie released on January 20, 2006. A sequel was released on August 17, 2007. A second sequel is to be released into theatres about the senior prom and graduation of the characters sometime in late 08-09. Yes, it DOES have nearly an identical plot line to Grease. However, it is Disney Channel's most succesful movie at this time. 33 countries have released this movie on Disney Channel.
Dood, seriously. If you really think High School Musical is SO lame, then why waste your time on it? No one cares if you hate it just because it is like Grease. I guess you must hate Grease then, because that is said to be a modern (at the time) retelling of Romeo and Juliet (although different, yes, but that is the basis.) So seriously, get a life. High School Musical is a good movie. Yes, it's corny. But honestly, I love the movie. And Zac Efron does help (:
by beeblack August 17, 2007
High School Musical is an Emmy award winning American made-for-television musical film, produced and distributed by Disney Channel, and was released on January 20, 2006. The television film was one of the most successful Disney Channel Original Movies produced, with a sequel and a spin-off confirmed and soundtrack that was the most commercially-successful album of 2006.

High School Musical is a story of two high school students from rival cliques: Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), captain of the basketball team, and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), a shy transfer student who excels in math and science. Together, they try out for the lead parts in their high school musical, and as a result, divide the school. Despite other students' attempts to thwart their dreams, Troy and Gabriella resist peer pressure and rivalry, inspiring others along the way not to "stick with the status quo." Producer Bill Borden claims to have taken "from the best", by describing the plot as a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet or even Grease.

In the end it is a fun loving movie that is for kids/teens/parents/adults alike. It si very fun loving & has a great message.
Girl One: "So have u seen High School Musical?"
Girl Two: "Yeah it was awesome & had a great message"
by Mia B. May 24, 2007
The best movie ever made. Most people think its dumb and cheap, but there just jeoulous. its a great movie and fun for kids to watch. Zac efrons in it and hes so amazinglly hott! And i hope vanessa goes and burns in hell!
Ziggie: Lets go watch high school musical!
Zulu: Okay but i cal Zac Efron and you can have Corban Bleu!
Ziggie: OKay Cool!
Zulu: Zac efrons so flipping hott!
by Suzy Love September 02, 2007
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