A cheap, cheesy, Disney movie staring a lesbian, a bi dude, a bitch, and a gay tool.
teen1: hey, did you see that high school musical movie?
teen 2: yea, it's gay. That Troy Bolton due is fucking bi.
by sexbear19 February 22, 2009
A movie that Disney decided to rip off of the classic movie, Grease. They're too lazy to think of any new ideas, so all they do is make sequels and rip off old, classic, movies. High School Musical is a totally misleading movie about what happens when you make it to high school. It makes all little kids think that high school is some amazing fairy tale, and for some reason all girls from grade school through high school think that all the guys in it, especially Zac Effron are hot. It is the worst movie Disney has ever made, and the two sequels are probably even worse.
Loser 1: Do you want to come over to my house tonite and watch high school musical?
Loser 2: Yeah! We can sing and dance along to it!
Person who knows what real life is: You're both idiots who need to get back to the real world.
by iknouluvmi May 06, 2010
The film that confirmed the destruction of the Disney everyone knew and loved.
Retarded middle schooler: OMG I luvvvv High Skool Musicleee it's awesomeeeeee <3 xxxxxxxxxx
Everyone Born before 1997: Shut the fuck up. High School Musical is a bucket of mouldy horse shit

*smacks in the face with Lion King VHS*
by Ninaroja February 14, 2012
A pussy version of Grease
High School Musical is gay compared to Grease
by Crazymadkiller April 26, 2011
A disney channel movie about 2 high school kids who decide to go against their parents' ideas for a good future and audition for a school play. The 2 main characters, of course, end up in love. Bleh.

First of all, the character Gabriella is a total Mary Sue. As goes for the character Troy, who is a total Marty Stu.

"Oh my god, I didn't know I could sing! Now I have talent all of a sudden and I get the lead in the school play!"
High School Musical is a cheesy, generic, boring movie.
by Go die in a hole, please. August 30, 2011
A dumb show that lied about high school
"Let's watch high school musical " said no one ever
by Chris the wiz knows all May 25, 2016
High school musical is a crappy Disney movie about a bunch of delusional teenagers that break out into song and dance randomly. The only people who enjoy this movie are those teeny boppers.
I fear for the future of our world. These high school musical-watching teeny boppers are going to become our future >_>
by HelloSabby February 10, 2009
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