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The reason so many 11 year olds are in hospital with multiple bruises and broken limbs.
Nurse: What are the injuries?
Doctor: Multiple chinese burns, two black eyes, a very sore noogie and a wedgie so bad we can't seem to find the underwear.
Nurse: So what is it this time, doc?
Doctor: Poor Janet here had her first day of High School. She immediately burst through the doors, running through the hallways singing about how working together can help you achieve anything.
Nurse: So what happened?
Doctor: She was brutally attacked by the other children. It's the 3rd case today.

And that, children, is why you should never watch any disney channel shows, expecially High School Musical.
by Penguins Kick Ass August 08, 2009
70 12
This is possibly the worst show yet. It is just a movie with a bunch of people who think they can act but the truth is they can not act worth a shit. Sadly most of the little girls in your family insist on buying and some parents give in so the whole house hold has to suffer. This movie gets big girls to drool over zac effron or what ever the guys name is.
Oh my gosh they made another Highschool Musical!? The first one sucked a lot so this one must suck more.
by mcr fairy January 10, 2008
74 17
1. A shitty movie series made by disney which is just a rip-off of grease. It is basically about teens in high school who sing songs forever. Zac Effron and all his other gay guy friends had a song in the recent and final movie "high school musical 3: senior year" were singing a song in their basketball outfits in a huddle how "this is the last chance to win it all" and singing all gay shit. Ashley Tisdale acting like a menustral bitch whore and all their female lesbo friends are acting all slutty and that.

2. "Horrible Singing Musical"

Guy 1: Hey have you seen high school musical 3?

Guy 2: Yeah it is so gay and fucked up...I hate it!

Guy 1: Me too! Zac Effron and those gay guys are so perverted and loosers.

Guy 2: Yeah and Disney is fucking lazy to rip off grease by making HSM.


Guy 1: Hey whats a good Abbreviation Re-creation of High School Musical?

Guy 2: "Horrible Singing Musical"

Guy 1: LOL!!!!
by Anonymous120663 November 19, 2008
63 9
A stupid movie on Disney that children watch because they think Zac Efron is apparently hot and the movie is obviously incorrect because of how they show theater geeks as snobby and mean, which in making the future theater geeks as snobby brats.
IDIOT 1 WATCHING HSM: OMG, High School Musical is such an inspiration to make me a total idiot in the theater world!! I am going to act just like Sharpay and Ryan when I get into High School!!

COURTNEY WATCHING HSM: I can't believe I liked this crap.
by The Complete Idiot August 07, 2008
61 9
gay school musical disney movie designed to brainwash already gay fags to a condition of being insignificant waste of space in the universe
kid 1: hey did you watch that disney show movie high school musical premiere?

kid 2: yea why ?

kid 1: are you gay?

kid 2: yea why ?

kid 1: (laughs) haha oh nothing.
by your friend jesus September 19, 2008
68 17

High School Musical is so unrealistic. People aren't suddenly going to break out in song and do a little dance. Disney chooses all the 'pretty' and 'hot' people to be in it just so that mindless little 10 year olds will be drawn in by the 'pretty' people.

The characters are totally self-centered. The song "Fabulous" from the 2nd movie is proof.

Most people end up thinking that this will happen in real life. BUT IT WON'T.

Any freakin' idiot who thinks that High School Musical is "awesome" or "the actors are so hot" or anything else needs to get a life.
Absentminded person: ZOMG!!!I LOVE YOU ZAC EFFRON!!! MARRY ME!!!

Another absentminded person: The actors portray their characters so well. I want to learn to sing just like Sharpay!

A person with a brain: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SUCKS!! You are retarded.
by Lilyth September 16, 2009
47 5
A movie that sadly went on to make two sequels.

It's about a bunch of teenagers exploring their sexual preferences through song and dance. Quite frankly if I was to inherit a copy of this filth, I would incinerate it ASAP.

Me: Why must you be alive?
by PlatinumMagnum September 26, 2009
42 3