1) something you forget about the minute you leave, including all social ties and academic achievements.

2) a state of being that does not matter to anyone except those mired within it
high school student: im a loner and someone made fun of me three months ago. i'm going to be a failure in life, so why don't i shoot up my school?

high school graduate: dude, high school is less a factor in dictating the rest of your life than the piss you flush down the urnial every day at school. just cruise through, chill out, and go to college, where the petty bullshit that constitutes high school life is less than a distant memory.
by seventh son of a seventh bitch November 17, 2005
A high school is a porthole to hell where everyone goes insane ranging causes such as:
Keeping track of who the slutty girls in your school are going out with.
Trying to be cool.
Trying to find wtf crowd you belong in.
#1 Trying to keep sane.
There are also an ass load of crowds, as described above.
Ooooooooooo no!
by Fusion September 19, 2003
Essentially, High School is best described as "it's hell with windows."
High School is the worst time in anyone's life.
by SuperSonicX June 22, 2007
A place where people age 14-18 are required to go to. Text books are outdated by 15 to 20 years and most teachers spend more time telling the class about their personal life than actually teaching. Also, many teachers double as coaches for the schools sports teams, and would rather talk about last night's game than explain the lesson. The gym teacher will make you feel like shit and the health teacher will tell you never to have sex one (you'll get AIDS and die!) and will then procede to show you a video on birth control and how to use condoms.

In my high school experience, I didn't really see any real cliques. It wasn't like the preps only hung out with the preps and the goths only hung out with the goths. But maybe that was just my school.

High school is also home to insane dress codes, shitty food, graffiti, fights, vicious rumors, and noting that will prepare you for the real world.

However, high school is still way better than middle school.
At my high school the heater never worked, people huffed glue in the bathrooms, my chemistry teacher told me I would go nowhere in life, and approximately forty percent of the students were involved in a gang.
by AsiraYa July 10, 2008
All the worlds horrors, all the things and people you dispise and dread most, compacted into one building.
"Hey Mark, what's that smell?"

"It's the smell of burning souls in dreams inside our public High School."
by madskr8eee93 January 06, 2009
Highschool is an intermediary between elementary school and college. In the US, it is essentially a federally funded daycare and provides as much of an education as prison provides rehabilitation.
Susie: Daddy, read me a story.

Dad: Uh, daddy can't read.

Susie: Why not, daddy?

Dad: because daddy's highschool didn't think it was odd that he couldn't read or write. They also didn't think it was worth the trouble to fail him if he didn't learn.
by Bill K. February 02, 2007
A place that you waste 4 years (or maybe more, if you suck at it) of your life feeling either inferior or incredibly godly. No one will like you either way. This period of your life is pretty much just a time slot filler until your body stops looking freakish so you can enter the world without making people gag when they see you.
Wow. I just spent 4 years in a hellhole. Does the government know about high school? Is the government behind this high school whatnot? Eep!
by jamie is rad December 06, 2008

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