For me, highschool sucked. The whole staff simply does not care about you; unless you have a nice rack. Pretty much every guy gets failed out sooner or later and can be seen as your local garage mechanic. I earned countless D's, which really fucked up my chances of getting into a university of any kind...even though i feel i am smarter than the average person. Your local highschool is filled with popular prepy girls, that always hide from there pain, immature football guys, which some are pretty kool, countless perverted mid-life crises teachers; and the best part, waking up at 5 a.m. for something you don't even believe in.
My whole high school life I was treated like sh*t by countless teachers and fuc*ed my transcripted up beyound repairable. Im going to be a community college for the rest of my sh*t life.
by Alex Wilson321321 July 09, 2006
"The best years of your life" as my mother says while she reads her 1977 yearbook.
Also known as Hell.
Contains a vast and diverse variety of teenagers yet they all fit snugly into categories and labels administered by their peers... some of the unfortunate ones are not teenagers anymore. We call those ones the slackers.
Controlled by sadistic "teachers" and "councillors", etc.
I fell asleep in English class and got in trouble with the teacher. I also forgot my homework. I got a detention.
by Kate November 28, 2004
Orignally high school was ment to be a place for kids to start getting high. However, drug criminalization and political correctness stopped this institution from keeping it's true goal. So now, high schools are ran by people who claim that high school is a place of learning. However, this is a false statement. I don't think anyone actually believes that.
I hate high school. Junior high was less intense. (JK of course.)
by Celestasia May 08, 2005
A place where people are called names, beaten up, and are targeted for suspention by assholes called faculty. With the pressures of fitting in yet standing out. Know wonder people resort to drugs and alchohol. (I had to just to get through the day) With the over crowding nobody can learn anything, and get fucked for the future. Now I know why people want to hang themselves or kill everyone in there school.(I did)The goths are the only ones that will ever become leaders because they don't care about popularity or politics. They have not been tainted. The government needs to pull their heads out of there asses, and clean the cum out of there ears, and accualy listen to the problems and fix them. I belive it could save lives and maybe we could accualy get some future leaders.
High school is just about the 8th level of hell. Daunte missed one
by EXHUMED October 10, 2005
A place, usually an institution or run-down shack, that teaches young and aspiring pot smokers how to get high.
Such teachings include how to properly roll a joint, inhaling and exhaling practices, good quality versus bad quality pot, ideal places to smoke, and how to cover up evidence that someone has smoked pot. Usually, if one were to pass all classes and graduate, all graduates receive one free pound of cannibus as a going away gift.
"Hey, you wanna go to the beach with us tonight?"

"Naw, thanks dude. I got High School tomorrow. I need to stay home and practice rolling this joint. We're having a test."
by Bugaboo June 14, 2006
a place where a bunch of white ass prep girls and guys who think that their better than everyone else just because they have more friends or money than people and the principals and teachers don't fucking bother at all because their worried about the black or latin people....The only place where racism is allowed.
(prep/jock)rich people who think that their better than everyone else....some are alright
(punk) wannabe goths
(goths) people who are really into heavy metal and the color black
("gangster") people who are into rap and shit like that, who don't really care
(wangster) people who try too hard to be gangsterish...usually consits of white peole
(geeks/dorks/nerds/ect.) people who get made fun of just because they are the smartes in the class....are into pokemone, yu-gi-oh, everquest/ shit like that
("cool people") are the people that everyone thinks is cool but when it comes down to it there just like the preps.
(unkowns) people who don't give a fuck for reals, they could care less what your social status you are labled under. they just like to kickback with their friends and get their shit taken care of...
by pablo January 09, 2005
the biggest waste of my life
example 1:cameron dropped out of high school because she's pregnant with sam's baby.

example 2:i'm usually high when i go to high school.
by eliza March 07, 2004

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