A place that is not as bad as people say. There are way to many creepy goth, punk, and emo kids in high school though.
Our high school is full of goth fags.
by 123454321 June 13, 2006
Honestly, I don´t understand all that bitterness displayed here about high school.
Sure,that period has its flaws,but most of you seem to forget all the good things going aside with it...Not having to worry about anything,having lots of friends, competing against other schools in sports (e.g.sailing and rowing are extremely popular at our school),regular social events, holding up school spirit, and finally (if you are willing to invest some work) the preparation it gives you for going to a excellent college/university later.
I Loved my high school!!
by Andy_J_Klein October 01, 2005
WTF is wrong with these people none of you get it right, punks are NOT skaters with pirceing who listen to alternative rock or any other of the bullsh!t you discribed. Punks are a group of people who belive in anti-government and are useally involved in anarchist groups(not saying that all are) also punks listen to, yes punk, but not just ordinary punk that you hear on the radio.(that stuff is SH!T emo and songs that have no value) but music that talks about the exploitations of ower government and what really goes on in the world. NEXT TIME YOU NOOBS POST SOMETHING TRY AND RESERCH IT BEFORE INSTEAD OF POSTING INCORRECT SH!T!
no example, just a statement for all you morons!
by caneh?dian December 30, 2004
The best fucking place ever! Even though I'm doing good in the real world, I miss high school. I did really good on the football team, basketball team, and track team. I got to be on the honor roll lists alot, I made friends with anyone that had some decency in them, and I beat up the weak nerd fags that think they're smart and sucessful, but they always flunk. I also had one of the hottest girlfriends in the school, I'm still dating her right now!
I loved high school.
by ballman454 March 16, 2008
a place you will remember in therapy
i will remember high school in therapy
by ToGucciForYou February 10, 2015
A place worse then hell, filled with fake ass teachers, friends, people, and FOOD
Mom: "how was your day"

Me: "ughhh.. It was high school all over again"
by Therealshittingtruth December 21, 2014
A place where you are forced to go 5 days a week (at least) for seven hours a day (at least). You are forced to sit in useless classes, like calculas and retain useless information to spit back up on a test. Instead you really should be taught things like how to pay taxes, how to have a good job interview, etc etc.
Some of the teachers are nice and understand teenagers, but most are egotistical duchebags who think their way is the ONLY way.
High school sucks cock.
by rman16 October 25, 2014

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