1. Some dumbass european is saying shit about American high schools. I've been in both, and I can say that they both have the same levels. I've been around public high schools in both the US and Europe and they are average. Not an excellent education. I've been in private European and North American high schools (prep school) and they were both excellent.

2. These are not the best 4 years of your life, but they are a great four years. I'm in my junior year and I'm having a great time. It's not such a "prison" where "the staff hates you". They are just teachers. Yeah, there is a lot of drama, but its not horrible. It keeps things fun.

CONCLUSION: So yeah, stop bitchin about high school... You're probably all depressed emos.
High School Person nº1: I can't believe she left me...

High School Person nº2: Forget about it, let's go to that party!

High School Person nº1: Sure
A place you don't appreciate until after you've graduated.
What I'd give to go back to my high school days...
by Mike the Ekim August 08, 2008
a place that, unlike most definitions in the urban dictionary, is actually a privilege that we take for granted and is only as good you make it. if you work hard and receive excellent grades, you can continue onto a good college after graduation and further yourself in getting a great, profitable career. if you flunk out and don't go to school, you'll be working in an arbys getting pimples for little pay.
John didn't really like to get up so early for high school, but her knew it was a privilege that many other people around the world would love to have.
by christiannnw October 01, 2008
It is what YOU make of it. sheeeesh
Bob: I was such a loser in high school. When I got invited to parties and games, I never went.

Lucy: Well, when EYE was in high school, I might not have been the most known girl in school but whenever I got a chance to do something fun, I jumped at it!

Bob: Oh. Okay.
by Carolina_Babe April 07, 2006
A place where schoolwork is so much easier than in college, but the girls tend to have smaller boobs.
I can't believe I was such a whiner in high school. At least I have a steady supply of booze now that I'm in college.
by k^2 October 08, 2005
apparnetly on this sight, people like to bitch about how high school sucks...didnt any one tell u this or did u figure it out after your 4 years? I realized it about 2-3 days into my freshmen year and i find that the only classes that really prepare anyone for life are the buisness classes and the tech classes...see in NY, we have one of the greatest testing systems in the country, but we have a 20-30% passing rate on math becuz we take a year and a half of math and try and cram it into 3 hours, which is complete bullshit...anyway, high school teachers arent that bad...where im from, we have maybe 5-10% of teachers that are complete cynical assholes who have either been castrated or been tragic burn victims...i read about someone saying history was useless...besides tech and business, without history, you would repeat the mistakes of the past...so here's a suggestion to the cynical realists/ex high school students/bitching liberals/suburban teenager that thinks high school is hard...shut the fuck up and deal with it, jesus christ do you need some vagasil for your pussy? are you that retentive and stupid that the only thing you can do is bitch? high school is free, college is a bitch when it comes to costs...thats why im moving to europe...GO EUROPE!!!
1. The Seventh Layer of Hell= High school
2. High School is Jesus Punishment for kids that whack off
3. high school is for the Dumbass that may have a chance to not end up at mcdonalds for the rest of his/her pathetic life...
by Alex Curtis June 03, 2006
The place containing the largest amount of morons and procrastinators around. Nothing give birth to the worst parts of America as much as high school. Anyone who will be anything in life hates high school because they didn't do anything in high school to make them like it.

Someone said it best: "Nothing ensure failure in life as well as happiness in high school."
Guy who almost commit suicide in HS : An executive at an accounting firm.

Guy was still mises HS : Lifts big boxes at some warehouse somewhere.
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005

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