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Just school. Quit your B&Ming you little shits.
1. OMG that big jock picked on mE!!!!1 its so horrible! ill nevER seE him again in 4 years so i should flip shit and have an angsty online journal!!!!

2. LoL did you see what kristy was wEarIng today!!?? lol! there are starving people in 3rd world countries but i care more about superficial trivial merchandise!!! Oh shit my ass and tits just fell out of my washcloth...i mean miniskirt and tube.

3. Get a grip, you pussies.
by D. May 05, 2005
fun times, but only in cool classes like band. and you sometimes get alot of study halls. much more fun than junior high.
most classes suck, some dont

didnt you graduate from high school?
by someone March 04, 2005
The best time of your life. Stop bitching about how much it sucks, because you have no idea how good you have it now. Wait until you graduate and you will truly miss that you dont see your teachers and friends everyday. Right now, you may think it is so tough, but its not. Get over yourself, because you dont know what youve got til its gone!

Make the best of it while you can. Everyone goes through 4 years of it, so why not make it fun?!?
Person 1: "Bro, high school sucks."
Person 2: "Get over yourself, youre a fucking pansy. Its high school, not something terrible like boot camp. You have no idea how worse it could be."
by Jk_thurtysev January 27, 2007
a (cute) girl of high school age, not to be confused with MiddleSchool
"what up highschool" whatchu doin later?
by RGDUB September 21, 2006
You guys are blowing this way out of proportion. High School is not 'an infernal hell-hole where egotistical administrators cage and torture whiny brats that fall into a bunch of clear cut categories' what is that crap anyway? You people need to stop watching TV shows thinking that its real life..
High school isn't nearly as terrible as the whiny morons above cut it out to be.
by Boris B June 12, 2005
The North American equivalence to European pre-secondary educational facilities.
Contrary to apparent common belief among Americans and/or Canadians the high schools found throughout the norhtern part of the Americas are like kindergardens compared to their European counterparts - hence not very "high" in any respect...except for their drugged-up spoilt kids.
In Europe students are required to actually study a whole lot more material than students attending these north-American schools.
The European curiculums include materials that are considered university level in the Americas and any European high school graduate could kick the smartest American kids' ass.
American/Canadian kids:
"Hey yo bro, so in class we had to like differentiate some function or something, that was whack0 bro."
"Aight, me hearz yo man, dillio. Let'z fuck this shit and chill out at my crib watchin some MTV."

European kids:
"Oh well differentiating that polynomial function wasn't too hard, now was it?"
"No, not at all my dear friend. Would you like to drop by at my place? We could listen to some genuine European music and chat about today's class."
by EuropeKicksYourAss March 12, 2005
A place that is not as bad as people say. There are way to many creepy goth, punk, and emo kids in high school though.
Our high school is full of goth fags.
by 123454321 June 13, 2006