this chick bad asf, I think she went to high school and back.
by HighUnicorn May 04, 2015
A place worse then hell, filled with fake ass teachers, friends, people, and FOOD
Mom: "how was your day"

Me: "ughhh.. It was high school all over again"
by Therealshittingtruth December 21, 2014
An institution made for teens where they are forced to slowly learn excessive and ungodly amounts of information. Nearly all of this information will be completely useless and impractical for them in the near future as they struggle harshly from raised educational standards brought by people with no clue how to keep an economy stable. The reason for such a horrible institution is because human people are more like giant undeveloped children rather than mature "adults" and do not know how maintain their own lives, systems, or their own kids.
Daniel: You know... We should call high school prison
Daniel: They're kind of the same don't you think..? Prison and High school.. We're forced to go there and don't really learn what we need to learn to get on in life
Lee:Hm... Yeah you're right.
Daniel: Eh.. I might just be too high.
Daniel: I think we should stop smoking weed in school, might get caught.... Damn mane, you got some really dank ass weed don'tcha?
Lee: nop. Hue hue hue.
by Reality Escapee October 10, 2014
See "Hell"
High school is where people go to die after middle school
by TheHarshTruth April 28, 2013
That place that is heavily stereotyped but you think those stereotypes are all just lies and jokes until you go there and realize everything you have heard is true.
Freshman #1: Dude my older brother who goes to college told me not to try to date anyone in my first year at high school because all the freshman girls date older guys and older girls will never date younger guys, thought he was lying but he was telling the absolute truth.

Freshman #2: I know right, even if there is a desperate, butt-ugly upperclassman, freshman girls seem to think hes crazy hot and date him.
by That Kid You Don't Know... March 04, 2013
A place where you spend some of the hardest years of growing up. Where peer pressure, relationships, college prep, schoolwork, and just dumbass drama all come together. Many different kinds of people attend this place, some of which do not get along, which provides plenty of drama around you if you are not already in it. There are four years in high school: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.

Freshman: The easiest year. No college around the corner, easy core classes, no AP. Basically 8th grade again.

Sophomore: You think you're badass cause you're not a freshman. Work is getting harder, you've heard the word college and that you need to do something about getting there.

Junior: The "holy crap college isn't that far away" year. SAT & ACT to worry about, looking at colleges, thinking about the future. making sure you have a passable gpa for college. The hardest year.

Senior: You're at the top. Unless you're a total dumbass you don't care about being an upperclassman. Can't wait for college so high school can finally be over, and you can get as far away as possible.
Freshman: OMG this work is soooo hard I had to do a two page book report... so tired!

Junior: You haven't done nothing yet. Get ready for real high school.
by Feely7 August 21, 2011
A place where your parents send you to get ride of you for the day most people in high school come to school drunk or high. most people have weed an alcohol on them. The guys usually dip all day. People have sex in the bath rooms. High school is an all out disgusting place with old teachers an people that give you lots of work and yell at you when ever you do something they don't like or tell them to FUCK of. Most of the femail teachers just need to get laid. High school is a place to learn stuff that you will never use in real life!! High school is a place to come when your to hung over to go home its also a place to have fights and meningless sex!!
high, school, teens, people,high school
by freakin school May 06, 2011
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