High school is actually synonymous with living on Long Island. You're born here, you die here. Everyone is in your business, talks about you behind your back, scums, scams, and phsyical fights go down. Kids to grown adults. Too much pride for NO REASON!
I moved from California to New York and found myself back in high school. I want to go home but my boyfriend doesn't want to leave the east coast. its hard living in high school when you came from the best state in the US.
by Shameless39 November 20, 2009
1. A place with many people aged 13-18.

2. A place where adults believe we are learning.
3. A place where you can climb the social ladder. (Maybe.)
4. A place where adults believe we are being prepared for the real world. (Although ironically enough Gr. 7 & 8 are spent preparing for high school.)
5. A pointless, government funded place of torture.
Josh: High school sucks
Every Teen In The World: Amen!!!!
by that's good October 22, 2009
An idea that hasn't evolved since the industrial revolution. A brainwashing factory dedicated to implanting patriotism and loyalty to your country. Focused heavily on math and science so America can beat the Soviet Union... Oh wait, exactly.

Outdated system that once brainwashed your parents causing them to rethink their lives around 40; See midlife crisis. Destroys any imagination or creativity the student has before entering. The teachers want you to think if you fail here you're a failure of a human being and will never amount to anything. Often separated into gifted or honors classes and normal classes further enforcing isolation and feelings of insignificance. Where Pink Floyd's The Wall came from. Even the teachers aren't satisfied.

Training grounds for a meaningless life getting up, going to work, coming home and watching TV. Makes you believe that killing is right if it stops death in your country; See War. Makes you terrified of failing, which is awful because that destroys originality when no one has the courage to step outside the box.

Schools often hate art and music and put them secondary to Math and Science because spiritual satisfaction doesn't include money for the higher ups.

Someone needs to change it soon or we will never move forward as a people by embracing only the things that worked in the past.

Just an Epic Fail all around
Parents: Oh yeah everyone has to do it it's too bad you don't like it. Tough

Kids: Don't you think there's something wrong with High School if everyone hates it?

Parents: *Bullshit Lecture*
by TheOneForPeace October 19, 2011
1. The worst time of your entire life
2. Hell on earth
3. Judgment....constantly
4. Probably worse than dying
Kelsi "I'm in high school now"
Ryan "That sucks so bad, its worse than dying!"
by criminologyclass4 December 13, 2010
A prison for teenagers who didn't do anything wrong, where we take even worse bullshit from the system than actual convicts. You spend your time trying to stay awake in class, trying to impress people you despise deep down, trying to make time for homework and sports, and chasing that hot girl you've wanted to fuck since 8th grade. Most people get the first 3 okay, but the fourth one is where it starts to fall apart. First, you'll try the "nice guy" approach, and when that gets rejected, you'll try the "popular prep" approach, and when she ignores you again, you'll go for that "asshole jock" approach. If you manage to sink this low, then maybe her shallow, bitchy mind will finally notice you. Even if you do have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, everything you do spreads around like wildfire, and if you manage to say 1 thing wrong, you lose your girlfriend, and most likely, all the friends you ditched to make your shallow relationship work. Then, there are your "friends". Everyone acts nice to your face, but the second you turn your back, they start talking shit about you. And you only know this because that's exactly what you do to them. To put it short, everyone in high school is an insecure, shallow kiss-ass conformist. Yes, even the goths and emos are conformists. If they weren't, they wouldn't be stereotypes. High school fucks you up like nothing else can.
On the first day of high school

My mom: Hey, high school's gonna be great.

Freshman me: Cool, I'll try to enjoy it

After I come back

mom: How was your first day of high school?

me: I hate everyone.
by Ihateeveryone55 August 23, 2011
Let's just say, one of the most pathetic places to be. It's pretty much a step below college, teaching us useless crap that they say will help us in our future. That's what college is for. It should be optional to go to, or just get rid of it. And let college take about a year or two longer depending on what you want to major. In college, people actually grow up, that fails to happen in High School. And there isn't any fucking social classes in college, just go and get the fuck out. Here's the classes in the order I like/dislike with a defonition.
Greaser/Punk/Skinhead- Decent people with a good taste of music, only the wanna be's are ass holes, the rest just leave you alone. Usually hated by teachers for all the wrong reasons.
Nerds- Nice people, but take too much beatings, don't stand up for themselves, and are kind of snobby.
Hipsters- Now these guys may look like douches, but they only listen to shitty music. They're pretty chill people actually, you just can't be a retarded ignorant faggot to them.
Jocks- Smell horribly and take too much pride in their shitty athleticism, will most likely be janitors when they grow up.

Juggalos- Now, here's a bunch of douches. They listen to shitty music known as ICP, they are fucking retarded, the only upside is they can make your day by being completely retarded. But they're posers, fags, douches, wanna be's, wiggers, and trailer trash. Best make fun of them they're extremely defensive and hilarious when they are.
High School is a bunch of bullshit, plain and simple.
by Stumpfy August 04, 2010
Is like the Catholic Purgatory, in that people holier-than-thou beat you over the head (with textbooks rather than maces) and after suffering through this for a set period of time, you eventually are permitted to pass through the Pearly Gates when the Principal hands you the diploma. Of course, there is also the possibility of going to Hell by dropping out. But, no worries-- all high school affects is the fate of your immortal soul.
Parent-- "What did your English teacher assign for homework?"

Teenager-- "Dante. Pure torture."

Parent-- "Well, it might SEEM like Hell now, but don't worry-- it'll make you a better person. You can even use that when you send in college applications."

And then you wonder if you'll make it to college, or if your obituary will read 'cause of death: high school.'

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