Where you experience betrayal for the first time. Where you learn not to trust just anyone. When you feel more alone than ever and can't do anything about it. Where you hope every day that tomorrow is the day you get to leave this place. Where you make friends and lose friends, but somehow always feel alone. Where you are set to certain standards and aren't accepted if you don't fit. Where you can't be unique or different and be appreciated. When every one acts before they think and nothing good ever comes out of it except hurt feelings.
Welcome to high school.
by alwaysthecoolkid November 20, 2010
A place where the kids start to get "high" on drinking which is why they call it high school. You expect it to be like the fucking baloney Hollywood movies because your parents tell you high school is all about romance, dances, dating, and some other shit but it is totally the opposite unless if you party and ride your dick all the time AND get a car by your sophomore year.
Aunt: OMG my nephew is finally is in high school!! You have a girlfriend yet?
Nephew: Nah, I ain't got any bitches yet cause I don't have a car and I don't get drunk as Hell in the stupid parties.
Aunt: Don't worry. Just treat the girls with respect!!!
Nephew: Whatever!!!!!
by AdomC May 10, 2015
A prison for people under the age of 18. Unlike prison, you have to work your ass off to get into a better prison, in which you will waste the best years of your life fucking people and getting wasted or stoned. Also, the point at which guys are either selfish douchebags who get laid everyday, or nice, fun, and friendly, but have no chance of getting a date if they aren't "cute". Girls are either superficial cunts or bitchy drunk sluts.

The point at which you have to break away from the fantasy you've been living in for the past 14 years and start joining reality, which is confusing, because you're probably headed off to college next. You also have to decide what you want to do in life, which is even more confusing, because you have virtually no choice in what you are taught in school. If you go to high school and meet someone who is focused on learning something they want to do in life, stick with them; they will probably be uber-famous since they are smart enough to skip all the stupid shit that goes on at such a young age.
Guy 1: Did you hear what Nick did last week?

Guy 2: Yeah, he burnt down a church with a home-made flamethrower and killed all the people inside it.

Guy 1: Did he go to jail?

Guy 2: Nah, but I heard he got 4 years in high school.
by memyselfandi1776 October 24, 2009
place where your a nobody if you don't wear designer clothes, our exceptionally gorgeous, amazing at a popular sport, Have tons of money and or just a complete bad ass. Ugly girls constantly act like there beautiful and that their obnoxious opinions matter. All the cool kids want to do is smoke and get fucked uo on the weekends in the mornings everyone huddles together in to little circle at the end of the hallways where everyone talks about alcohol and how high they got over the weekend and how cool there clothes are. We try to act as if were not conforming by being skaters or goths but really were just as bad as the conforming preps. Everyone is a constant war with everyone. creating a pathetic subculture completely pointless and depressing. the only people who enjoy high school are those on the very top of the social pyramid for everyone else high school sucks.
high school

Prep: Dude i pounded like 20 four lokos friday night and then i hooked up with some chick, chyeahh prettty successful weekend.

Ugly girl: "OMG hes so ugly, shes such a slut, look at my northface jacket aren't i so hot!!! Nobody even likes you!"

normal kid: Your not even good looking i can't even take you seriously

dumb girl: "I love my boyfriend of 2 days more than anything in the world we will be in love for eternity."

normal kid: how long untill graduation i fucking hate this
by mirage28 December 20, 2010
Referring to a person that is between ages 14 and 18. Where you become a man, or a woman. Typically immature and naive. Usually good looking. Common occurances; loss of eyebrow and virginity in one night. Usually drinks milk on school nights and has mother pack lunches on weekdays. Curfew ranges from 10pm-midnight.
Highschool likes going to school, learning about sex, and algebra.
by college34 November 27, 2010
High school is where teenagers try constantly to try and fit in, knowing that some day their life will get better... hopefully. Parents are constantly saying that high school is the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. When in reality... it's the worst.

When your in high school, you're...
1. Trying to hook up. Yes, that means sex.

2. Trying to fit into the "popular" group. The only thing the popular group is, is bitchy. How fun.

3. Trying to stay awake in classes, you don't care about.

4. Trying to "pass".

5. Trying to survive.

6. Not to get involved with drugs, and smoking.

Preps, jocks, nerds, goths, greasy haired kids, the list could go on.

Technically, survival of the fittest.
You never survive "high school".
by Love your smile November 05, 2010

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