A large Bulding full of crazy dumb ass teenagers from the ages 14-18. Most children who attend High Schools group them selves into the fallowing categories:

(Prep)-most "preps" wear wear designer or abercrombie/hollister clothing. most are active in sports, and smart when it comes to academics. are always the richest kids in school. mainly listen to pop culture music, hip hip(what they refur to as rap), or sometimes old music like the beatles. the genrally are nice, but when the are only amongst each other they can become extremely nasty about other children. For some reason over the years of evolution of high school grouping teachers these day tend to have a much stronger likeing for this categorie of teens.

(skaters) This group of teens generally do pot, and oviously skate. They all hang out with at the skate park together after school, and generally date younger preps. They listen to punk rock like the used, taking back sunday, Chiodos, etc. skaters tend to wear skinny jeans, large skate shoes, baggy skate shirts, baggy sweatshirts, and have long hair.

(hipsters)this categorie is relitively new in the world of high school social grouping and there very phew kids are classified in this category. what almost all kids that go to art college are known as to the rest of the world. They listen to what most people think is weird unknown music like Animal Collective, MGMT, Passion Pit, etc. they genrally are more mature then most kids in high school, and know that everyone in high school is dumb and retarted. they genrally wear skinny cords, large v-neck shirt, and ither burkenstocks or sanuk slip ons. genrally smoke massive amounts of pot daily to get through high school, and are more advanced when it comes to the arts. Hipsters hair tends to very from mohawks to dreds.

(punk) this group of teens is becoming more non existent. It was much more common in the 90's. most punks listen to music like anti flag, msi, nofx, etc. most punks are fairly skinny, and have mohawks, shaved head, or longish hair. they wear ither wear extremly baggey jeans with chains or extremly tight skinny jeans with chains. often are seen with no shirts outside of school, but in school normally a sweatshirt or band tee will do. this particular group of teens tends to drop out of high school. they are often the teens that are heavy moshers.

(emo) some of the high schools in richer areas tend to not have this group of kids. (i dont know y) they are a poser-like version of skaters and punk combined. They listen to a more "hard-core" version of the music skaters tend to listen to. examples: bring me the horizon, a day to remember, Saosin, etc. emo's tend to wear extremly tight skinny jeans, converse sneakers, tight band tees, and eyeliner. emo hair verys from what is known as the "shot gun" to longish hair. hair tend to ither be black or white with extra clors put in. most emo's tend to be bisexual, and are very emotional, and in touh with there feeling. they tend to write a lot of poetry.

(scenester) this genre of teen is relitively new and not as common. They are based from emos, and tend to be a more materialistic, dramatic, and prettier version of emos. They tend to have londer hair, and they tease there hair to make it very big. they tend to wear skinny jeans, fancy shoes like ballet flats for girls, and flashy sneakers for guys. They tend to also wear tight tops, but more fashionable tops. there hair is usually more colorful then the average emos. they listen to what is closer to "rave" muic, like nightcore, or the average screamo rap like brokencyde. other music includes jeffree star, and hollywood undead.

(goth) this form of teen is much like the punks in the way that there are also lesser and lesser or this type. most goths wear large platform combat boots, watch anime, and are regularly dapressed that the emos/scenes are becoming more popular in the world of high school social gouping. goths tend to listen to marylin manson, aiden, old afi, etc.

(nerds)if you live in a richer area (like me) then there are much more nerds genrally half the school or more. so (in my case) this group is not used often because so many people are. They genrally are asian (idk y) and play lots of video games and are in A&E math in 8th grade and there for have to take crazy advanced math classes at the local college (in my case princeton university) most nerds are very scared of girls who are ot also nerds. they also tend to wear abercrombie/hollister much like the preps in an attempt to highten there social status in part from being in all the advanced classes.

(norms) this group of teens tends to jump from group to group, or is almost a prep but not quite. they tend to be the most friendly people in the school, and are the most social group out there, they almost make a group of there own from not belonging to any other groups.

high school consists of many sub groups among those, but those are he major ones. high school is boring, childish, and pointless in every way. the teachers give a massive amount of home work and long lessons on things that ither have no use in day to day life, or we already know. the only reason teenagers do not drop out is because the adults ave made a world that we have to do long, boring, childish things before we can actually live our lives. It is extemely easy to get suspended from high school espeially if you are retarted and jack off infront of everyone in the middle of detantion (ben walnetz) that will get you suspended for about 3-4 days. princepals in most high school have no purpose but to make the teens that are sent there repeat the reason they are there, then gives them staerday/or suspends them. also he/she tends to stand in the halls becuase he/she has othing better to do and yells at kids to put away there "electronic devises" or they will revieve a saterday. High School is really just a load of bullshit that you just need to get through so that you can do what you want for the rest of your life, unless you going to cllege. I recomend ither being homeschooled, or going to an art high school.
High school is the most time wasting 4 years of your life, especially if you live in saburbia.
by kalabramaster May 21, 2009
A place, usually an institution or run-down shack, that teaches young and aspiring pot smokers how to get high.
Such teachings include how to properly roll a joint, inhaling and exhaling practices, good quality versus bad quality pot, ideal places to smoke, and how to cover up evidence that someone has smoked pot. Usually, if one were to pass all classes and graduate, all graduates receive one free pound of cannibus as a going away gift.
"Hey, you wanna go to the beach with us tonight?"

"Naw, thanks dude. I got High School tomorrow. I need to stay home and practice rolling this joint. We're having a test."
by Bugaboo June 14, 2006
High school is pointless. If you want to make it in the world, you need an entrepreneurial spirit, not a report card.

All of these preppy straight-A kids are going to end up making ~$100,000/annual or less in the real world. They're going to have a $300,000 house with a white picket fence and a Chevy Suburban for their soccer mom wives to drive their intolerable kids to middle school in. They're going to spend the rest of their miserable lives going to work, coming home 9 hours later to their shitbag kids and nagging wife, getting drunk while watching ESPN and doing the same thing the next day.
Both my dad and my uncle fucked around in high school but are very well off from the stock exchange/business/real estate.
by bryan18 August 16, 2005
when someone wants to describe the worst possible thing they say it's like hell. i say it's like high school.
what's it like gettin your tongue pierced?

it's like a few hours in high school.
by creekdazed August 04, 2007
a place the government puts teenagers between the ages of 14-18 all day and dont expect them to want to blow that son of a bitch up!!
highschool suckz.... everyone get the fuck down im blowin this bitch up.
by lilckc January 02, 2008
A place where people think that they are different from everybody else so they try to stereotype everyone into worthless catagories like "goths" and "skaters" or "preps" where in reality everyone in there is the same; trapped in a place where pain and misery get trapped in there and float around like pollen and everyone breaths it in like oxygen. Everyone has pain even the "preps"(even though they manage to have an anicdote; just wear the most expensive clothes and make sure that daddy buys you the most expensive car and the pain goes away!!!!)
You think my ass looks fat well...........go burn in High School!!!!!
by ANGEL CARSON April 24, 2004
No Recess!

... ... ...
"You're in highschool again"
by Zack August 03, 2004
Can be known as the "Best years of their lives" for some..
but for most...total hella..and full of drama/stress and break-ups and stereotypes

Guy PrepsJocks, attend sports such as football, wreslting, baseball, they normally get the better looking girls while they have not much brains upstairs. Normally make nasty jokes about the size of their penis or how high they were the other day. Their normally tall beefy guys that all the girls drool over and are full of themselves and wouldnt be caught dead talking to someone of the lower class. Not all are like this though. listen to hip-hop and think their kinda gangster or they listen to poser alternative music.

Girl Preps These girls normally shop at abercrombie, american eagle or anchor blue. Their good looking and they sometimes put out. Some are sluts. Their mostly outgoing and are involved in leadership, student government etc. They like to party and are afraid of weed. NOrmally they walk around school with a purse, what retards. Oh and you cant forget the jeans with 10 holes in them. Listen to r&b singers and alternative rock.

Nerds They dont really give a fuck about where they fit in, they are to caught up in school and playing video games all day.

Gangsters/Mexicans/BlacksNormally hang out together, most think their hardcore gangster and like to get into fights for no reason. The girls are nasty and hate all the white chicks and want to kick all of their asses. They listen to rap/hip-hop music and hate on the white people. Gangs etc.

Punks These are the kids with the crazy hair and tight pants and van slip-ons/converse. They dont really give a fuck what people think about them and listen to music such as physcobilly/ska/punk/rockabilly. they wear leather jackets with custum designs like studs and skulls. and most are anti-government and anarchist. These kids have experiemented with shrooms/acid/e/weed and the heavey drugs. some are straight edge. They insist that "punx not dead" but it is, there is no punk bands like the ones in the 1980s

Skaters These kids hang out with the punks, wear skater shoes and shirts like emerica, dc, and band t-shirts. love to hang out at the skatepark and listen to ska/punk/metal which shoving gauges in their ears and smoke a shitload of weed. some are straight edge as well

EmoThese kids take pictures from the top of their head looking down. They normally have black/dark hair that covers their right eye. Emo boys where girl pants and 2 belts. they listen to music such as hawthorne heights/fallout boy/taking back sunday...etc. Most emos cut their wrists and spend their days and nights listening to emotional music and thinking about how horrible their life is.

Goths These kids are full of black clothing and eye makeup. Their usually very pale and wear band t-shirts. their shy and they dont talk to many people. thats why i dont kno much about them

Posers These kids wake up one day and decide oh my god! greenday? i am so into punk rock now. then they start dressing like their punks but it really just makes them look like fags because they dont kno what true punk and music really is and they think taking back sunday and greenday are punk rock.

Teachers They suck. They make less than the people at the grocerie store and they give us a shitload of homework for no fucking reason. Hisotry is useless. they make us stay in school for up to 7 hours doing useless work and getting stereotyped. yay

Student Government A group of people consisting of preps and nerds that are normally snotty.
"So..hows high school"

"It sucks, i got called a nerd today! i think ill go cut tonight"
by ughyousucknuts December 06, 2005
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