A four year (for some five) sentence. Full of horny and judgmental teenagers with no lives with room temperature IQ. 99.999% spend these four years struggling with a Myspace/Facebook addiction. 4 of 5 students will have/have had and STD by the time graduation rolls around. One of two things; the best or worst years of your life, usually worst. 89% of people that leave high school, regardless of how they felt about it, will not remember there four (sometimes five) years because they were either have been stoned and/or drunk 100% of the time. Temperature is usually never right in high school i.e. cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
"I just graduated high school. It is like getting out of prison after 4 years."
by kqueenn February 06, 2009
A place that you waste 4 years (or maybe more, if you suck at it) of your life feeling either inferior or incredibly godly. No one will like you either way. This period of your life is pretty much just a time slot filler until your body stops looking freakish so you can enter the world without making people gag when they see you.
Wow. I just spent 4 years in a hellhole. Does the government know about high school? Is the government behind this high school whatnot? Eep!
by jamie is rad December 06, 2008
In the UK, people attend high school from the ages 11-16, then move on to college if they pass their GCSE'S (leaving exams). Pretty much the same as US high school, but slightly better I reckon.
I've never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I think the representation of High School being a porthole to hell is pretty accurate.
by Nezzy June 21, 2004
Petri dish for social retardation.
Every definition provided thus far.

85% of people out of high school. Found in bars, clubs, cafes, offices, restaurants, amusement parks, universities, and automobile dealerships.
by JabberSix April 17, 2009
a place where all kids have to go built by fags and made by fags, so the government can control your mind through teachers, guidance counselors, etc.Most kids start high school at age 14 right out of 8th grade and stay there unitl you turn 18. What you do outside of high school effects what you do in high school for some gay reason. not to mention the fact that everyone is trying to find friends that arent douchebags and trying not to get your ass kicked everyday. Getting a girlfriend or boyfriend is seemingly impossible to you but it seems like everyone has one. also kids you dont even know make fun of you and judge you to make themselves look less of a faggot than they already are.
8thgrader: oh dude i cant wait to start high school!!!
me: fuck u u little douchebag you gonna get your ass kicked by seniors everyday.
by matt to the o October 29, 2007
A place where the only cool people are the kids no one wants to be seen with, and where being seen with total dumb asses makes you popular.
Dumb ass 1: like, omigod, did you see who she was with? that kid like, reads.
Dumb as 2: OMIGOD EW?? omigod are you serious, like...like omigod.
Sane person: Jesus christ, I hate high school...
by roskanda September 24, 2007
A place where they stick 14-18 year olds just to stop them from terrorizing our cities. They claim "learning" goes on here, but all that really happens is some boring ass teachers tell us to memorize pointless facts we'll never use. they tell you to "be creative" but no one ever is because they know as soon as they do something creative or something the teacher doesn't agree with they get an automatic f. interchangable with hell.
Tom: Did yu go to high school today?

Jeff: Hell no, no one that goes to that hellhole comes out normal.
Tom: Agreed.
by soxxfan9824 April 02, 2008
A place where your parents tell you it's the "happiest time in your life" and that when you leave everything will just suck more. This is wrong because when you leave school you get paid to be bored to death everyday, and you are can start living your life.
Parent: "the world sucks after high school"
Person who just finished school: "nope, I have money now"
by distilledfx January 01, 2008
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