Also known as college-preparatory or secondary school

1. A place that prepares you for the real world (ie. if you make it through this place you can make it through anything. See anything.)

2. A place where everyone resents everyone else because because they secretly want to be part of the group they can't be in (the more adult version of "you can't play in my sandbox"..."your sandbox sucks anyway" kid conversation)

3. A prelude to the real best years of your life. See college

4. A place where you find out your place in society:

Preps: Abercrombie kids who hang out at each other's beach bungalow's during the weekends...usually snotty and spoiled...well liked by many faculty

Unholy Holies: Also very well liked by the faculty, except more annoying than the preps because unlike the preps they tend to actually have morals: they head student government, liturgy committee, participate in all types of community service and always get chosen as retreat leaders. They irk people with phrases like "Jesus loves you no matter what" and saying hey buddy to you in the hallway because they feel sorry for you while showing off their yellow Livestrong bracelets.

Potheads: Relaxed, laid back happy idiots. Cool to talk to in the morning when you yourself are brain dead too.

Teachers: This is a whole other spectrum of cliques within itself: you either have the administration brownosers, political zealots, monotone drones, spaced out dingbats, or the ones that teach you life lessons without you realizing it

Counselors: Secret spies for the administration who will try to rat you out to them and make your life even worse than it was before you went to them by "just trying to help". At best, they will just listen to your problems, nod, pat you on the knee and say "our time is up...let me know how it goes"; making a total waste of your time

Gangstas: Listen to hip hop and rap...always seem to have beef with some other member of their clan. Could be at the top of the social chain if they weren't always busy fighting with each other (ie. G is talkin shit bout gon fix that bitch up)

Wiggers: Same as above, except they tend to be wannabes, of the caucasian race, and their only real beef is forgetting who borrowed who's homework

Jocks: Generally jerks or airheads. Laugh at gross out humor. Not all are bullies. Only talk to lower social cliques when they need to borrow a pencil they'll never return.

Nerds: Usually into weird card games and doing well. Formerly faculty favorites until they got replaced by the Unholy Holies. Wear slicked back hair, high pants and glasses.

Over-achievers: sometimes cross with the preps and unholy holies, somewhat smart like the nerds, but have a better ability of blending in...but these tend to be too busy to be involved with anything besides school (or get involved in so many things they break down). These are the ones who take SAT courses in their freshmen year and complain about too much pressure from parents.

Kids in black: Under these are the goths, people who dress in black, the socialists and pretty much anyone who's sick and tired of everyone else usually because they're tired of themselves. Some are genuine rebels; some are just anti-everything assholes

Punks: they skateboard, have their own bands, are basically pretty chill and have their own bands...not too involved in political activism anymore...most of this has been taken over by the emo kids and the kids in black

emo kids: the ones who always quote taking back sunday on their blogs and wear old converses...usually the hipster kids who tend to be vegetarian and of the uber-liberal elite (and the ones who use the word uber); the name emo is very misleading, as their expressions tend to be often serious and boring.
Kid: "I hate junior high"
Mom: "Don't worry, it'll get better in high school..."
by blink56k March 28, 2005
A place where your parents send you to get ride of you for the day most people in high school come to school drunk or high. most people have weed an alcohol on them. The guys usually dip all day. People have sex in the bath rooms. High school is an all out disgusting place with old teachers an people that give you lots of work and yell at you when ever you do something they don't like or tell them to FUCK of. Most of the femail teachers just need to get laid. High school is a place to learn stuff that you will never use in real life!! High school is a place to come when your to hung over to go home its also a place to have fights and meningless sex!!
high, school, teens, people,high school
by freakin school May 06, 2011
A worse version of elementary school and middle school, all the problems still apply, just in a different perspective point of view.
*in elementary school*
Jane: Mr.N, Jack pushed me!
Mr.N: Don't play with him
*in middle school*
Jane: Mr.H, jack touched me!
Mr.H: don't sit with him
*in highschool*
Jane: Mr.N, jack fucked me
Mr.N: don't sleep with him
Jack: Mr.N, i got Jane pregnant...
Mr.N:... how about the other 4 girls you fucked that night?
by gino07 August 04, 2008
the school that you are high in 99.99999% of the time
"man...i loveeeeeeee high school"
by your momma, bitch! October 10, 2006
The two words that make up the word fully describe the phrase. High. School. Especially the first one.
Guy #1: I go to high school!
Guy #2: How's the weed over there?
Guy #1: It was awesome.
by NoNamesNeeded March 08, 2015
An institution that tries to prepare young adults for the real world just a little bit, but most often results in bitching and moaning. It is only after completion (or failure) of High School that students realize how easy and relaxed they had it.
Person A :"Damn dude, I can't go to the bar - I just payed rent, electric, heat, internet, and filled up my POS car with gas - I got like 5 bucks in my account."

Person B :"I hear you man, my wife is on my case, I'm gaining weight like a panda, and none of my money makes me happy"

Person A: "Remember High School?"

Person B: "Lol, yeah. Wish I had it that easy now!"

Person A: "Hell yeah..."
by LifeGetsWorse September 09, 2009
A place all teenagers between the age of 14 and 18 are thrust into where they will face corrupt teaching, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, bullies, stereotypes, stress, and abusive gym teachers.
"Duuuude I can't wait for high school so I can get blazed"

"Please don't make me go they always laugh at me and call me virgin at high school"

"Hey man i can't wait for high school so we can go in a group of ten and kick some weak freshman's ass"

"I'm thinking of switching from an emo to a prep... what would everyone else in high school"

by collision123 January 29, 2009
Where almost every kid abuses drugs and alcohol. They are so proud that have tons of friends but if they decide to be theirself a lot of them will stop talking to them. Alot of them do not have a mind of their own and try to be like the people that will end up being a drunk/drug addict for the rest of their life and living with their mom and dad asking them for money all the time. Most of the kids are assholes and love impressing the other kids on how quick they can get kicked out of class. They get into drugs, alcohol and love acting like a badass because their family probually could care less what they do, they just want them out of the house. High school kids waste their whole life drinking and doing drugs to impress people because a tradgedy in their life probually happened and the only way they know how to deal with the loss/hurt is to do drugs and alcohol so they froget all about it. Then when you try to talk to them about whats bothering them they start crying in a second and run into their room acting like a little child. Some kids talk about how big of a success they are going to be and these expensive cars there going to own. Too bad there parents are not caring for them telling them if your addicted to drugs the last things on your mind are going to be wanting a good carrer and a nice car. Little skinny "tough" guys sometimes fat are always looking for a fight. When you or a teacher tell someone to their face their immature expect a comeback like OOO i'am so mature, now there getting a few fake laughs from other students and thinking there better than everyone else. If you dont follow people and make sure you dont screw your life up expect people to talk behind your back and too scared to say anything to you. You probually know people that never forget to make an angry look for their class pictures. Last thing I have to say is high school is full of fake people looking for attention and love and could care less if they die at an early age they just want to make sure people think of them as a rebel.
High school
by {}FCwST July 27, 2008
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