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one who is often seen gambling for more than 50 dollars per hand or game depending on the situation
damn...that guys a high roller and now i don't have any money left...how am i going to get the brown sugar??
by k-dog February 10, 2004
Rich guy that has a nice car, nice clothes and buys everything he likes.
Yo that guy with that benz a high roller yeah.
by Dazzle August 05, 2003
A person in society that has a better grasp of the world, is a little brighter than the next person and has a pocket full of cash. Women typically love these kinds of men.
It may also be used as a verb as a term for agression.
Look at him pulling up in his BMW, he must be a highroller. I'm gonna give him some head(see head in dictionary).
I'm about to highroll that nigga.
by highroller April 24, 2003
a person entirely too cool for their own good
Man i wish i were that guy, he's such a highroller.
by the jamie/fleiner fan club February 25, 2005
The name for a fan of American Idol Season 5 contestant Ace Young.
I'm a Highroller, so I'm going to leave a bunch of comments on Ace's Myspace while he's still online!
by mariah lynn xo August 29, 2006
A real high roller is a ghetto rich blood (gang) drug dealer that has a lot of money from hustling.
Yo check that highroller ova there flippin signs'
by Mike August 28, 2003
Crip term for a ghetto rich gangsta. The same as baller for the Bloods
Yo chek cuz out slangin that rock n dope he a high roller
by rifleboy262 April 09, 2008