Hell on Earth. Almost nothing positive comes from it. You're degraded, humiliated, ignored ,ect. The few girls who are actually good looking are dumber than a box of rocks, and further prove that girls want the guy who will treat them the most like shit over the one who won't. Everyone there acts like they are non-conforming or unique, or whatever the fuck they like to believe, despite it being far from reality. High school is also barely different from middle school despite what everyone tells you. There are still those stupid "cliques", there are still assfucks whose sole task in life is to make yours hell, and there are still stupid whores. The only differences are that you can leave campus, few people, if any, actually give a shit about you or what you do, drugs, sex, and alcohol start to become part of reality, and you also get less time to do the stupid work because you're trying to balance out the time between that,the job you'll probably have, and the assholes that are the closest things to friends you'll have.
Welcome to highschool! Enjoy your final four years of hell before collage!
by Senator Assface October 31, 2006
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Basically a large building with students ranging from 13-18 years of age, where we supposedly are taught facts and dates to prepare us for our work lives. There are certain genres that any high school student knows about, and if you are any high school student, you also know that it is impossible to get through highschool without being labelled as one of these people. Here are most of the genres at my school:

Preps: Usually a large group of cheerleaders/jocks, wear bright clothes, get along with lots of people. They are active in school activities and school spirit, and their music range is probably the highest and largest of any of the groups, because it is not defined.

Punks*: Smaller group of anti-establishment students. Many of which the school faculty hates, and tries to get in trouble sometimes. Punks can be classified by the music they listen to, and their appearance. Of course, many students treat emo as punk, and because many students are emo, punk is slowly becoming emo. But with real punks, that is not the case. Real punks know better, and label the emo listeners as "posers".
* Not all punks are anti-establishment.

Wiggers: Basically white people fitting in with the black people, pretending to be the black people, or actually thinking that they are black. They mostly listen to annoying rap with huge bass, that they like to cruise around in their car listening to, at a volume that gives most people brain damage. Wiggers travel in huge packs, and like to beat up people who well, aren't wiggers. Wiggers usually exclaim annoying slang terms like "werd" and "what up", and it is quite unusual for a wigger to say 10 words without saying one of these slang terms.

Blacks: Like wiggers(see above) but with black skin.

Emokids: Large group of posers, most of which who skate, and listen to bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Used etc. etc. Most emokids have a hugely abnormal emotional range, and break down at the slightest things(their girlfriend dumps them, they see a dead squirrel, etc). Many, if not all, emokids think they are punk, and try to express this by wearing black clothes, talking in monotonous voices, wearing old school converse shoes, punk bracelets, and so on.

Nerds: The definition of Nerd has varied greatly, but a Nerd remains someone with a higher intelligence that likes to show it off. Most nerds are physically unable to perform simple feats, and test their brain power with activities like chess club, etc. They resort to video games because they have no social life. Basically all the nerds in the school form together to make a supergroup, in most schools anyway, and stick with this group all through highschool.

Goths: The smallest group in the school. Usually dress in black clothing, and have no regard for popular culture. Goths, most of the time, become friends with others. Many goths don't care about labels, and are friends with everyone, but those who are culturally stereotypical talk about goths behind their backs.

Bullies: A cowardly group of students that bother others and make their school life a living hell, through verbal and physical intimidation. Many have had a hard life growing up, and they resort to the unhappiness of others to make it through their pointless existence.

Jocks: Jocks are a large group of students that are egotistical, popular and good at physical sports. Many say they rule the school, but there are other groups that could lead the school if they truly wanted to. Many jocks are bullies, and bother nerds quite a lot. The only way Nerds can make it day by day is the dream that some day those jocks will be the ones flipping the burgers for the nerds.

Skinheads: A small group of punks/goths/normal people that have a hgih resilience to pain, and go around beating everything up. They have a low tolerance for people that get in their way, and very little of them care about school.

Normal people: Basically a bunch of introverts, or extroverts that don't fit into a specific genre because they don't keep up with popular culture and dress in normal bland clothes.

Teachers(1): A bunch of egotistical, mindless ignorant morons that treat everyone in the school like kids, and have no tolerance or very little tolerance for anything that isn't what they want it to be.

Teachers(2): A fun-loving brand of teacher that plays games with the class if they finish their work. This brand of teacher understands kids more, and treats them like adults. Many of these teachers keep up with popular culture.

Principal: A high figure, that many, many people would like to beat up or injure. Usually a male, and quite egotistical, a principal has very little tolerance for anything, and
will suspend/expel students for pretty much anything. Most principals look for reasons to bother students.

So there you have it, That's pretty much high school in a nutshell. But I have one last thing to say: School may be necessary in this society, but sometimes the teachers push us too far. With the stupid work and mindless ignorance, also the idiotic parents that bother and punish us for betting "Cs and Ds", No wonder so many people are taking out a gun and killing their highschool comrades.
Thats all I have to say for now.
- Jordan
*Nerd walking through school*
"I hope no one bothers me."
*Nerd gets pushed into lockers by Jock*
"Ow, what're you doing that for?"
*Goth walks by*
"Leave him alone, assface."
"Whachoo gonna do, ugly?"
*Goth precedes to beat this shit out of Jock*
*Teacher comes in*
"What's going on here?"
*Jock whines*
"He pushed that guy into the lockers, and when I tried to stop him, he punched and kicked me!"
*Teacher talks*
"Is this true? If so you're suspended."
"No, it's not true, he was beating him up, and-"
"Youre going to the office with me, young man."
*Once Teacher is gone, Jock precedes to beat up Nerd*

So, you see, Highschool sucks, and so does everything in it.
by Jordan Clark March 12, 2005
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A facility used to suppress the masses, usually aged 13-18 (or older, in rare cases). This suppression helps create loyal citizens with no imagination, uniqueness, or mind of their own. It's used to suppress thoughts and oppress students.
"Damn, High School ruined my dream by sticking me with a teacher who can't teach, therefore ruining my dreams."
by Demo November 22, 2004
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A place where the kids start to get "high" on drinking which is why they call it high school. You expect it to be like the fucking baloney Hollywood movies because your parents tell you high school is all about romance, dances, dating, and some other shit but it is totally the opposite unless if you party and ride your dick all the time AND get a car by your sophomore year.
Aunt: OMG my nephew is finally is in high school!! You have a girlfriend yet?
Nephew: Nah, I ain't got any bitches yet cause I don't have a car and I don't get drunk as Hell in the stupid parties.
Aunt: Don't worry. Just treat the girls with respect!!!
Nephew: Whatever!!!!!
by AdomC May 10, 2015
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Death. You waste your entire youth trying to be cool by drinking/smoking. You'll look back in 5 years and cry at the thought of ever going back. Do not attend your reunion
High school will be the whole of your youth. wasted.
by go_to_hell July 31, 2005
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I really want to blow up my high school.
by saccharineacid July 10, 2004
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An overated institution in America that is supposed to educate young people 14-18 years old. At it's worst a dumping ground for parents who don't want to raise their own children. Students quickly forget how great it was after their first year in college or in the work world.
Jane: Hi. Longtime no see.
Mary: Hey. What's new?
Jane: Not much. Finishing college, getting married and working.
Mary: But how? You were never a cheer leader in highschool. I was Homecoming queen. How come no one pays attention to me anymore? Here look at my senior yearbook I was voted best personality.
Jane: Gotta run. Later.
by m1z_w1z_11 August 27, 2005
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