The best or worst four years of your life.

Not only do you spend most of your teen years going through hell, you also bring it home with you as teachers dont give a damn what other activities or classes you have to take care of. If you give an excuse they will most likely say "Oh, so that's more important than my class?"

There are a few amazing teachers though, good luck getting in those classes though because I can assure you they will be completely full.

Let's not forget about the drama; If you have a facebook, delete it.

Freshmen are stupid
Sophomores are stupid for thinking they're less stupid than freshmen
Juniors are alright
Seniors are barely at school from ditching all the time
Kathy *screaming from across the hall*:

"Omg Vicky I missed you so much how was summer omg what class do you have next high schools so cool omg"

Senior: "stupid freshmen"

Other senior: "I know right"
#high school #school #homework #highschool #freshman #facebook #sophomore #junior #senior
by idontfuckingknownumbers October 08, 2012
1. An experience very similar to being damned to hell, except that you are actually allowed and encouraged to leave after four years and there is a chance that you will not be on fire the entire time. Also for some strange reason that has yet to be determined, there are some moments during your time there where you actually won't hate absolutely everything.
You go into high school knowing that you will be subjecting yourself to pain and suffering and you rationalize it by telling yourself that all of that pain and suffering will be worth it by the time it is over because then you won't have to deal with it anymore. No one understands why we do this.
#hell #despair #disappointment #bull shit #drama #ridiculous people #angst #catching on fire #being shot #drowning #bits and pieces are okay
by hurrdurriam5yrsold May 25, 2012
A place where you're supposed to meet people you love and people you hate, it gives you your very own title as a welcome gift. Such as slut, popular, jalk etc. Where teachers annoy you and your parents do to. But, you can have your best moments here and your worst, which is why movies use this as there whole plot. It's like the New York City of Schools,wait make that L.A., college is New York City.
I don't wanna be in High School.
I love High School.
I can't wait to go to High School.
#kindergarten #school #teen #teenager #highschool
by ?369 February 20, 2012
A place that is an absolute useless hell.

High School is a prison full of 13-18 year olds that form groups( for example goths,nerds,jocks,etc) and refuse to talk or socialize with anyone outside of their group.Most are cocky assholes others are nice but brainwashed by their group

The classes are full of material that mostly you will never use
I want to drop out of high school
by Cabeza de Lechuga April 30, 2016
A place where 14-18 year olds are caged in and forced to learn information that they will never use. Stupid classes, Useless material, Pretentious teachers, Retarded kids, Politically biased teachers, are a few services this institution offers.

Friends are made and feel like they will last forever, but they don't.

Cool People- Normal whores that never amount to anything and peak in high school
Weirdos-self explanatory
Goth-hang out alone and cut
"Man, high school is so fun."
"Maybe for you, the guy who is peaking."
by LeoW5353 January 24, 2016
According with Bowling For Soup, a period in your life that never ends, where everyone is obsessed with dumb things like sex, money, look, and trends
The whole damn world is just as obsessed
With who's the best dressed and who's having sex
Who's got the money, who gets the honeys
Who's kinda cute and who's just a mess
And you still don't have the right look
And you don't have the right friends
Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends
High school never ends
by allxtimeluke October 30, 2015
this chick bad asf, I think she went to high school and back.
#hell #thot #true #high school #boring
by HighUnicorn May 04, 2015
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