An institution made for teens where they are forced to slowly learn excessive and ungodly amounts of information. Nearly all of this information will be completely useless and impractical for them in the near future as they struggle harshly from raised educational standards brought by people with no clue how to keep an economy stable. The reason for such a horrible institution is because human people are more like giant undeveloped children rather than mature "adults" and do not know how maintain their own lives, systems, or their own kids.
Daniel: You know... We should call high school prison
Daniel: They're kind of the same don't you think..? Prison and High school.. We're forced to go there and don't really learn what we need to learn to get on in life
Lee:Hm... Yeah you're right.
Daniel: Eh.. I might just be too high.
Daniel: I think we should stop smoking weed in school, might get caught.... Damn mane, you got some really dank ass weed don'tcha?
Lee: nop. Hue hue hue.
by Reality Escapee October 10, 2014
the school that you are high in 99.99999% of the time
"man...i loveeeeeeee high school"
by your momma, bitch! October 10, 2006
guy 1: dude i'm going to high school tomorrow
guy 2: RIP
by issyworksatwoolys June 05, 2013
See "Hell"
High school is where people go to die after middle school
by TheHarshTruth April 28, 2013
That place that is heavily stereotyped but you think those stereotypes are all just lies and jokes until you go there and realize everything you have heard is true.
Freshman #1: Dude my older brother who goes to college told me not to try to date anyone in my first year at high school because all the freshman girls date older guys and older girls will never date younger guys, thought he was lying but he was telling the absolute truth.

Freshman #2: I know right, even if there is a desperate, butt-ugly upperclassman, freshman girls seem to think hes crazy hot and date him.
by That Kid You Don't Know... March 04, 2013
An institution that tries to prepare young adults for the real world just a little bit, but most often results in bitching and moaning. It is only after completion (or failure) of High School that students realize how easy and relaxed they had it.
Person A :"Damn dude, I can't go to the bar - I just payed rent, electric, heat, internet, and filled up my POS car with gas - I got like 5 bucks in my account."

Person B :"I hear you man, my wife is on my case, I'm gaining weight like a panda, and none of my money makes me happy"

Person A: "Remember High School?"

Person B: "Lol, yeah. Wish I had it that easy now!"

Person A: "Hell yeah..."
by LifeGetsWorse September 09, 2009
A place all teenagers between the age of 14 and 18 are thrust into where they will face corrupt teaching, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, bullies, stereotypes, stress, and abusive gym teachers.
"Duuuude I can't wait for high school so I can get blazed"

"Please don't make me go they always laugh at me and call me virgin at high school"

"Hey man i can't wait for high school so we can go in a group of ten and kick some weak freshman's ass"

"I'm thinking of switching from an emo to a prep... what would everyone else in high school"

by collision123 January 29, 2009

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