Pretty much a day care for teenagers. You dont accomplish anything in high school except getting a piece of paper that society says you have to have.

Where, apparently they think your going to become some kind of mathematical who is also a rocket scientist and a English scholar that knows 2 languages. 99.99% of teenagers in high school dont learn anything they memorize things for quizzes. Technically High School is why almost half of the teens that do kill them selves (bullying) do it. Half of teenagers at high school love the pop culture while the other half are pissed off and want to kill everything.
Mom - what did you learn today?

High School student- ... nothing.
by Cody241 April 27, 2011
a large building where teenagers are sent in the morning hours to socialize with friends, text for 30-90 minute durations, day dream, sleep, and or eat.
High School
by Thetruthhurtskid August 01, 2010
a place you will remember in therapy
i will remember high school in therapy
by ToGucciForYou February 10, 2015
A detention center formerly used to torture POWs during war to extract information, their use was outlawed by the Geneva Convention of 1929 as a war crime. After 1864, and the closure of these facilities, the torturers, also known as "teachers," often remained inside, due to the fact that they were now social outcasts as a result of their work. Sadistic parents often used them to punish their children. The punishment's popularity grew until the 1960's when the punishment became so widespread that many parents began to falsely believe it was mandatory to send their children to these facilities on a daily basis. The UN is still trying to root out all of these illegal facilities, however the popularly held belief that they are a necessary component of creating a functional society has greatly hindered their efforts to remove the illegal facilities.
"If you don't tell us what we want to know, we'll send you to the High School. And we both know you don't want us to do that."

"A detaining power may not coerce information to be given by afore mentioned prisoners through the use of physical or mental torture, including, but not limited to, physical abuse of the prisoner, detaining a prisoner at a High School, physically harming their families, detaining families at a High School, the use of toxic substances on prisoners, etc."

"I hate High School..."
by Prof. Nikolai April 20, 2013
The place where you become the person that you've sworn you would never become.
I remember when you said that you would never smoke pot, go out to parties and fuck every gut that you meet. Guess you went to high school.
by Rusemyth June 15, 2012
A competitive place where you chances to fulfil your hopes and dreams and attend an ivy league school are ruined due to high grades that you didn't achieve

a place where teachers suck

a time when you can never sleep, have fun or free time again

A place where popular, materialistic, wealthy, rich, spoiled, preppy, snobby, smart, or pretty and catty brats only fit in because they have better grades, better clothes, talent, money, more friends, property, status and hair than you do :)
In high school, the catty girls are all so rich and snobby, she has more friends because her clothes and hand bag are from bloomingdales, they're so perfect their personalities are so fake and catty. They all listen to the latest hip music that you heard 3 months later than they did, laugh at things that aren't funny, and drive their bmw's or range rovers. They turn theur music up loud in their cars during lunch so the whole street can hear, but they only know the lyrics, not you, so they laugh cuz they thin they are so cool, some act like air heads, but ironically get straight A's, dumb bitches with 1300 fake friends on facebook, they want to be known, they act like whores of fb and have 1500 pictures of themsekves on facebook of their body and airbrushed faces, they think everyone likes them, and they don't like you

they turn the bathroom into a whorehouse by stinking up the bathroom with CHANEL perfume
by Emenemenie Jones November 27, 2011
A *beep* *beep* place where "teachers" are hired to make young adolescents have no social life because sadly they have already lost theirs. And lead them all to an extreme depression which they will end up killing themselves.

Also a place in which a person goes to be told its okay to be different when its actually not.

It is also the most stressful place in the world and just to end this *bang* Im dead already...
Yr 7 Student: Woot Finally High School!

Science Teacher: WELCOME!...... now everyone open page 1 of you text book and answer questions 1 to 25 for everyone page up to 50 to be completed by tomorrow period 1.

Yr 7 Student: *eye twitches*
by Dodgy-deeds July 06, 2011
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