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A competitive place where you chances to fulfil your hopes and dreams and attend an ivy league school are ruined due to high grades that you didn't achieve

a place where teachers suck

a time when you can never sleep, have fun or free time again

A place where popular, materialistic, wealthy, rich, spoiled, preppy, snobby, smart, or pretty and catty brats only fit in because they have better grades, better clothes, talent, money, more friends, property, status and hair than you do :)
In high school, the catty girls are all so rich and snobby, she has more friends because her clothes and hand bag are from bloomingdales, they're so perfect their personalities are so fake and catty. They all listen to the latest hip music that you heard 3 months later than they did, laugh at things that aren't funny, and drive their bmw's or range rovers. They turn theur music up loud in their cars during lunch so the whole street can hear, but they only know the lyrics, not you, so they laugh cuz they thin they are so cool, some act like air heads, but ironically get straight A's, dumb bitches with 1300 fake friends on facebook, they want to be known, they act like whores of fb and have 1500 pictures of themsekves on facebook of their body and airbrushed faces, they think everyone likes them, and they don't like you

they turn the bathroom into a whorehouse by stinking up the bathroom with CHANEL perfume
by Emenemenie Jones November 27, 2011
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A cynical hellhole overrun by stupid cheerleaders and football players. It is required in the U.S. for all students ages 14-18. As each person goes through this, they are given a stereotype and are expected to follow it perfectly or risk being called an "outcast". Some stereotypes include, but are not limited too: Jock, Cheerleader, Drama Geek, Band Geek, Blonde, Nerd, etc. Each student's goal is to make everyone else feel inferior to themselves through the means of cliques, exclusive parties, and such. All students also have to deal with bitchy adults called "teachers" who make sure each student comes back by giving them 3 hours of homework a night to be completed for the next day. Resulting in late-night homework marathons fueled by "Red Bull" and "Monsters". The main goal of high school is to make everyone feel shitty about themselves, teach them their places in society, and haunt them long afterwards about it. High School lasts for 4 years.
Male 1: My mom was prom queen in high school
Male 2: Yeah, i also remember that she was a cum dumpster
Male 1: At least she was popular
Male 2: Don't you ever say anything about that to me again. You know my dad was a drama geek
Male 1: Fine. Can you at least get another 10 pack of Red Bull? We're gonna need another two crates if we wanna finish this Honors History report for tomorrow.
Male: I love finishing reports at 3 am like this.
by Eticket15 June 08, 2011
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Pretty much a day care for teenagers. You dont accomplish anything in high school except getting a piece of paper that society says you have to have.

Where, apparently they think your going to become some kind of mathematical who is also a rocket scientist and a English scholar that knows 2 languages. 99.99% of teenagers in high school dont learn anything they memorize things for quizzes. Technically High School is why almost half of the teens that do kill them selves (bullying) do it. Half of teenagers at high school love the pop culture while the other half are pissed off and want to kill everything.
Mom - what did you learn today?

High School student- ... nothing.
by Cody241 April 27, 2011
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High school sucks, period.
by anonlolski February 07, 2011
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A place that has two sub cultures the jocks and the intellectuals, and everything in between. This place sucks hard but you need to go through it to get to college.
High school was so fucked. Remember junior high... even worse!
by cats and dogs September 08, 2009
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The best or worst four years of your life.

Not only do you spend most of your teen years going through hell, you also bring it home with you as teachers dont give a damn what other activities or classes you have to take care of. If you give an excuse they will most likely say "Oh, so that's more important than my class?"

There are a few amazing teachers though, good luck getting in those classes though because I can assure you they will be completely full.

Let's not forget about the drama; If you have a facebook, delete it.

Freshmen are stupid
Sophomores are stupid for thinking they're less stupid than freshmen
Juniors are alright
Seniors are barely at school from ditching all the time
Kathy *screaming from across the hall*:

"Omg Vicky I missed you so much how was summer omg what class do you have next high schools so cool omg"

Senior: "stupid freshmen"

Other senior: "I know right"
by idontfuckingknownumbers October 08, 2012
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The place where you become the person that you've sworn you would never become.
I remember when you said that you would never smoke pot, go out to parties and fuck every gut that you meet. Guess you went to high school.
by Rusemyth June 15, 2012
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