The reason so many 11 year olds are in hospital with multiple bruises and broken limbs.
Nurse: What are the injuries?
Doctor: Multiple chinese burns, two black eyes, a very sore noogie and a wedgie so bad we can't seem to find the underwear.
Nurse: So what is it this time, doc?
Doctor: Poor Janet here had her first day of High School. She immediately burst through the doors, running through the hallways singing about how working together can help you achieve anything.
Nurse: So what happened?
Doctor: She was brutally attacked by the other children. It's the 3rd case today.

And that, children, is why you should never watch any disney channel shows, expecially High School Musical.
by Penguins Kick Ass August 08, 2009
Top Definition
A cheap and blatant disney rip-off of Grease that for some reason a bunch of kids like. So of course disney markets the shit out of it, and 2 sequels are due out. only reason to watch is to see up-and-coming actress/singer Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Loser 1: Dude did you watch High School Musical? I heard it's awesome.

Loser 2: Ya dude it was awesome!!!!

Loser 1: Did you hear they are making sequels?

Loser 2: Ya 2!!! OMG THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!

Non-Loser: Disney is so fucking pathetic they haven't had a single original idea in a decade and all they do is put out sequels because they are money-grubbing bastards who don't care about the quality of their movies.
by disneysucks July 27, 2006
A Disney movie that Disney is milking for all its worth and is continuing to do so. No one quite knows why High School Musical is so popular. Even the actors admit its a crappy movie. Its probably because 11-14 year old girls think the guys in the movie are hot (No offense Corbin. I love you.) and that in real life everything works out perfectly like in the movie. Real people, however, realize that the plot is cheap, the characters are underdeveloped, and most of the actors aren't great. I for one think there were better quality Disney movies that should have made it big. The songs are pretty catchy though.
1. "High school Musical is the worst movie I've ever seen...but for some reason I can't change the channel."

2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE High School Musical. Zac Efron and Corbin blu are sooooo hot.

3. Person 1 -I can't wait till prom. Probably my girlfriend and my ex best friend, who she left me for, will admit they were actually just planning a surprise party for me and then we'll all break out in song and dance.
Person 2 -Dude that's NOT going to happen...

4. Vanessa Ann Hudgens couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.

by InNoVatIVEsIREn September 04, 2006
A made-for-TV-movie that is overrated
A. The actors sucked even though some of them were actual good
B.the plot has NOTHING to do with real life
C. it just plain sucks
Girl obsessed with Zac Effron: OMG did u see high school musical is was sooo awesome!
Girl who knows what real life is: It sucks!!
by Schoolgirl November 05, 2006
A terrible movie that has become a phenomenon. The reason why is because parents are too protective and sheltering of their kids nowadays, and middle school kids and anyone younger is curious and asking questions about what high school is like. Instead of using more realistic movies based on high school life like Fast Times At Ridgemont High or Superbad, they use this shit as an example. This movie makes them super happy and optimistic, they become obsessed with it, which has made it probably the most overrated and overmarketed movies of all time.

This is probably one of the main reasons why High School Freshmen have a tendency to act so retarded, because they are convinced that High School is like some 'fairy tale musical'. High School students should(hopefully) know better.

Anyone over the age of 14 who likes this movie should be slapped.

12 year old: OMG!!!! I can't wait for high school now that i've just watched High School Musical!!!! There won't be any labels, all the cliques and crowds will live in harmony, I can share my secrets and no one will humiliate me, it will be just like a happy fairy tale. =D

The most misleading shit ever.
by Kareem Jahlid September 30, 2007
A shitty movie made by disney. any girl prep that you walk by will be talking about it. specifically saying "liek omg zac izzzzz soooooooo hot!"
katlyn: hey have you seen high school musical?

Ashley: liek omg yeah! zac is sooo hot i would totally buy him some american eagle crap!
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme December 03, 2006
stupid channel with non realistic shows. makes everything seem perfect. superficial airheads and platinum blondes only. pretty much every person on the freakin channel turns into a skank or whore. you get the picture.
high school musical : not everything turns out this happy. pathetic excuse for a movie. those people can't sing anyway. another trend meant for preps and little kids to drool over.
by January 23, 2007
The dumbest thing to come out of Disney .If you act like they do in high school musical in high school or even middle school your gonna get shot or something. you don't wanna go " hey batter batter" in the hsm fashion in p.e cause they're gonna throw it at your balls or something when see you dancing like an idiot.
loser #1: hey did you know high school musical 3 is coming out?
loser #2: really?
loser #1: in theaters too.
loser #2: we should be like (name of hsm character)and (name of another hsm character) today
loser #1: okay!!

both losers dance and act gay like hsm that day and end up getting shot by a suicidal nerd who decided to take their lives instead of a teachers and himself because it was so horrible and he was cheered by everyone (that hated high school musical)
by schoolspy September 19, 2007
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