The man on whom I have a crush. Incredibly intelligent with a great sense of humor. Also an Objectivist.
What example can there be?
by Arin, because I like that name April 10, 2005
Top Definition
Higgs is the leader, god, the best there is, was, and ever will be. People look up to Higgs for leadership, help, advice, and especially help with law enforcement activity ;).
Joe:"My life is one big episode of cops, thank god we hav Higgs to help us out all the time"
John:"Yeah Higgs is da' man fo sheezy"
by Higgs1 June 18, 2004
A crude, immature, goofy looking, and slightly (or fully retarded) redneck. Possibly suffered from fetal alchohol syndrome as an infant.
Tina: "Why did we hire Jethro? He's such a slow witted and gross hill-billy!"

Jason: "Yeah, he's a real higgs"
by Laser Dog September 08, 2008
–noun British Dialect.
a genuine, wysiwyg Yorkshire bloke but one who is slightly disassociated with reality.
"yeah, he's nice, but a bit of a Higg."
by Captain-Jeff November 01, 2007
used exclusively in the missy higgins fan forum. play on words meaning 'hug'
i love you!! *higgs*
by kerrysan May 03, 2005
"big nosed jew, who likes penis and dradels"
look at that higg hes so dumb
by den January 26, 2005
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