a very nice person who randomly gifts things, everybody has or knows a Higgo
man: hey have you got a Higgo

other man: yup mine has 20mil

man: mine has 200mil
by Alpacanator August 15, 2012
Top Definition
To bail on a previously organised plan only hours before it was set to begin.
Yeah Chris isn't coming with us anymore, he pulled a HIGGO
by Fickysowe April 20, 2011
A really retarded bloke who has an obsession to shout out luke in front of his pregnant 12 year old girlfriend.....she also has aids
Hows it goin' higgo?.......LUKE! says Higgo......fuck me says his girlfriend
by higgohater September 14, 2009
A queer.
Is that Higgo over there
No, jus some random queer.

Shutup, I'm not that gay!!!
by Rubber Puppy March 26, 2004
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