a hug in which 2 people embrace each other backwards. They are back to back and hold hands. The word itself is a cross between hug and cuddle.
serena and nate higgled each other
by lucylulambchopsintheshops April 13, 2008
Top Definition
to hug and giggle simultaneously
Please higgle me.
by Higglypiggly69 December 27, 2010
giving a hickie while you huggle
dude is it appropriate if you higgle on a first date?
by NightNexxie August 02, 2011
Swating of the dick.
Torregh said something rude to his friend Alex. Alex replied back that if he did not stop being rude she would higgle him.
by Shazam Shazam August 26, 2009
like haggling but different.Genarally done in a shop not the market.
I did a bit of higgling in the shop.
by Will November 21, 2003
1 (v.) The act of giggling in such a manner as to be confused with a school-girl.
There goes Homer higgling away at the dining philosophers.
by Mizike June 19, 2003
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